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I Lost my Wedding Ring!

Yesterday, the same day we celebrated our 90th monthsary together, I lost my wedding ring! waaa!

Well, “almost”. I lost it for about 20 minutes when it went inside the bathroom sink. Almost lost it forever, haha.

Last Saturday, we slept in the church because we had a practice for the upcoming DVBS (Daily Vacation Bible School) and since we live far from the church, we decided to just sleep there instead of go home late in the evening just to go back there early Sunday morning. Gastos sa oras at pamasahe, haha).

Yesterday morning, we prepped for our breakfast and readied for worship service. Every time I take a bath, I always take my rings off because they don’t fit so well on my finger. When I am wet with soap, they go off so easily. I don’t want them flying to the toilet bowl so I got used to taking them off.

The smaller one (of course) was mine, and that’s what I almost lost! lol!

Just when I was about to go out, when I picked the rings, the wedding ring felt like jumping on the bathroom sink and it fell and fit perfectly. Dahil mejo sira na yung sink, wala ng cover or at least yung parang cross (I don’t know what it’s called), direcho sya sa tubo sa baba! My heart sank after I saw how it fell! lol! I was honestly so worried about what Dane would say and how I’m gonna get it back. I was in full panic attack!

Then I composed myself, and I became a plumber! I checked if I could take the pipe off and thankfully, I could! wow, I was never so happy and relieved just because of a ring! I mean, this isn’t an expensive ring but this has so much meaning to me!

When I told Dane about it, at first he was shocked, when I told him I got it back, he laughed and said told me we could buy another pair in case I am not able to get it back. I told him, “iba parin ang original”. hehe.

Soooo happy I got it back! 🙂

Have you ever “almost” lost your wedding ring (for those married)? or anything valuable to you (for those who aren’t) and you got it back, I bet you were the happiest when you got it back! lol!

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  1. I can imagine how worried you felt when that happened. I am so glad you were able to get the ring back. Good job!

  2. Aw! Makapigil hininga yan sis. Hehe. Most of the times I forget to wear my ring in the morning or minsan nawawala sa loob ng bag ko sa dami ng laman. Hehe. Nakakaiyak kung talagang mawala ito kasi mahal na gold now, hehe. Kidding aside, wedding ring kasi is a symbol of love and eternity. So sobrang nakakahinayang kung mawawala sya ke mura pa sya or mahal mong nabili. Yung panghihinayang pareho lang 🙂

  3. Ay super agree sis! Ang value talaga ng ring ang pinaka importante sa lahat! Buti nalang talaga nakuha ko sya! haha. Parang sa drama talaga sis, makapigil hininga nga! haha!

  4. Waaaah! I also panicked for you! Good thing you got it back! I wouldn't know if I ever lost my wedding ring because I would want to. I never remove it except if I have to handle delicate or oily things. Buti na lang rin there's a plumber instinct in you. Hehe 😉

  5. I did thought I lost mine once and it was really sad and frustrating! I was ready to buy a similar ring just so my hubby wouldn't feel bad. But then I kept praying for God to help me find it. And after all the search, it was just there sitting on my jewelry box! It was so weird. Until now, I still claim it as God's answered prayer.

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