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First DIY Haircut Experience

Nate’s last haircut experience was horrible and I don’t want him to go through all that again. I was unable to document his previous barber shop experience with a kiddie barber shop because I didn’t have photos and it wasn’t so pleasant, he was just wailing the entire 5 mins or more, it was very frustrating for me (and I’m sure for him too). It was nowhere his very first haircut experience at an adult barber shop.

So, with the help of some Youtube tutorials, I found the courage to try to cut his hair by myself, at home. It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t perfect, it was funny and time consuming, but we made it, haha. I need more practice though, it wasn’t done well. So yesterday, before going to church, I had to put gel on his hair so it would stick and the badly done haircut could be hidden. haha. Well, for now, at least, his hair’s shorter.

I think it’s a lot better to do it this way than to take him to the barber shop for now. At least this one’s inexpensive and I’ll learn to cut hair as well! haha. Pwede na ako magpatayo ng barber shop pag na perfect ko ‘to. lol!

Behold, the before and after haircut 🙂 

Because of Nate’s previous horrible experience in a kiddie parlor during his last haircut, I know he would not want to be taken to the barber shop (kiddie or adult) anymore. Problem is, his hair’s too long already. I have no choice but to “learn” (or I think) “try” to cut his hair. The key was 1 full jar of chocolate, 1 full jar of Stick-O, and a pocketful of “uto” so we could finish the session. haha. My first DIY haircut attempt was successful but don’t ask about the result, lol! I’m so sorry Nate, hayaan mo na, hahaba naman uli yang buhok mo e. hahaha! #pahak #dipantay #gupitpamore
Posted by Nilyn EC Matugas on Saturday, April 2, 2016

Nate with his lola and tita on our way to church yesterday. 

Do you cut your child’s hair? How did your first haircut experience go?

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  1. You are like my parents who always cut our hair when we our young, now tinatawanan na lang namn mukha namin sa picture at hindi pantay-pantay. #horrorpictures P300 yung gupit sa kids salon, expensive talaga. Good thing graduate na kami dun at sa barber shop na kami. 🙂

  2. When my twins discovered how to use scissors, one of the girls cut her hair, it's a good thing she did it on the front side so it could pass off as bangs. I had to repair it to make it look normal, lol! And that's when I decided to try and cut their hair. It's so fun to be able to do that for them!

  3. My son's first haircut went fine and sa barber shop lang sya nagpapagupit now. Mabuti na lang kasi mahal nga sa mga salon for kids. 40 pesos lang sa barber shop near us, okay naman 🙂

  4. i think it's harder for moms with boys to give a DIY haircut compared sa girls. i just do the "dora hairstyle" with my girls before. great job on this mommy. you did great with you little boy 🙂

  5. Before my eldest son's first hair cut, we would bring him along Papa's haircut with a barber and then comment how neat and "pogi" his Papa is after haircut. His first haircut was a stroll in the park when his turn came. As for my youngest son, it was a lot easier since he does what ever Kuya does. When his first haircut came, we sat him next to Kuya and he was beaming proudly of his new toddler feats admiring himself on the mirror

  6. Wow! Ang galing mo! 🙂 I don't think I have the gutts and the skills to cut hair. Buti na lang the kids have their Lolo to cut their hair. My dad used to cut mine. College na ko nakapasok ng salon! Laking tipid ng mga magulang pag DIY 🙂

  7. Marami ka tlagang matutununan as a mom, Mommy Nilyn. Hehehe! I have no courage to cut my kids hair though. Medyo hyper kasi yung lalaki ko. Siguro on the first to second tries, medyo hesistant pa sila but eventually they'll get use to it…don't worry. With my son, I had let him sit on my lap while his having a haircut…pero ngayon, he's doing fine.

  8. You did well Mommy! Nate's too cute on his new hair! You're such a brave Mommy. As for me, I don't think I will be able to DIY my son's haircut as I am afraid of injuring him once again (like when I cut through one of this fingernail skin when he's barely a month old while I am attempting to cut his nails).

  9. I'm pretty sure in time, he'll learn and realize that barber shop is part of his life. lol. I just have to deal with it for now since he's not yet ready. lol.

  10. May partner was the one who made the first haircut for my boys. But not actually a haircut kasi kinalbo nya hahaha! You boy looks really nice after the cut.

  11. Oh I get you! We've got three little boys and when the budget is a bit tight, my husband cuts their hair. I don't always like it, hits and misses talaga, haha, but hey, matipid ha. Your son's hair looks good. Great job!

  12. I never attempted to cut my son's hair myself. I never really wanted to cut his hair in the first place. His first haircut at a barber shop was still the best experience he's had, though. The last one was the worst yet. Great job on the hair cut. Looks good on your kiddo 🙂

  13. I cut my boys' hair and super funny lagi when we're done haha. Ang hirap kasi! I saw a baby hair clipper nga sa metrodeal and I'm so tempted to get it. Kasi parang when the barber does it with the hair clipper ang dali dali lang. Good job though with your haircut. Mas malala yung akin haha.

  14. I also cut my daughter's hair, though straight lang kasi. LOL. For some reason, she is scared of scissors or getting her hair cut kaya I always make pasimple when cutting her hair 🙂

  15. Thank you! If only he would let the barbers cut his hair without wailing like he's going to be cooked, I'd rather have him cut in a kiddie barber shop as well. haha.

  16. Hi Mommy Nilyn, I love your blog! You share a piece of your world or knowledge in a nice and unique way. Keep it up, I'd love to come back!

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