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I’ve so long been wanting to update my blog, the colors, the fonts, etc. I thought it would be difficult and time consuming but I’m happy I was able to complete it in about 45 mins! It wasn’t colorful as it was before but I’ve been wanting to do just 2 or 3 main colors on my blog, with white being the dominant color. This isn’t really what I wanted for now, I want to do more tweaks on the fonts but I don’t have the whole day to sit and update it so this is it for now. 

Goodbye to my old, colorful blog theme (but I have a back up on that in case I miss it, lol!). What can you say? Do you have any suggestions? Because this is just temporary, I still want to do a little more tweaks on here, right now, I’m not very much satisfied. But I don’t know what needs to be updated or changed either. lol! I haven’t changed my blog color for years!

I’d like to hear from you, please send your suggestions! 🙂
Thanks in advance!

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  1. I prefer this new design sis. Mas madaling basahin 🙂 You can play with different fonts just make sure you use Google fonts sis para it will appear on anyone who reads it kahit wala silang that kind font installed in their PC.

  2. Thank you sis! hehe. Ako din, I like this one better! Ay naku sis, naloka ako sa Google fonts, di ko gets, kaya itong ginawa ko, ginawa kong pic yung header ko para sure na masunod font na gust ko. haha.

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