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A Family that Loves Guitar

Dane and I both know how to play the guitar; this is one of the things that we can both relate to (as well as singing). Although I can’t say I’m great with playing guitar, I just know how to play the guitar. But Dane is a lot better than me. He can play both the lead and the prs bass guitar. I remember he taught me how to play the bass guitar before but I was too lazy to learn! Lol!

During past time, we would sometimes just sit and sing songs together. This is one of the things that I miss doing with him. Now that he’s in KSA, one of the things that he first bought was an acoustic guitar, it looks really nice and I hope he could take it home. I’ve always wanted to have an acoustic guitar at home.

Could we possible pass along our love for guitars to Nate? That we don’t know. But would we like for him to learn how to play guitar? Of course! It’d be great if both of us share the same passion in playing guitar. I bought him a small guitar of his own but as of now, I really can’t tell if he would love guitar when he grows up. However, what I see in him is he’s musically inclined too, Nate has quite a few favorite songs already and they’re not nursery rhymes which are really cool!

could he possibly get the same love we have for guitars? 🙂

Whatever his passion will be, that’s fine, we don’t want to force him to do something he won’t enjoy doing.

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