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Sundayvotion: When Giving Up is Not an Option

Before this huge change in our lives took place, I knew being an OFW was difficult but it wasn’t until we experienced in first-hand that I can say that it really is extremely difficult to work abroad.

After all these months of being apart from Dane, what I can only say is that it’s really not a good option for a married man/married woman to work abroad. It doubles the loneliness. Singles, for me can do so without worrying much about who they left at home.

This past week has been very challenging for Dane and I but we’re happy we’re able to get through it. It was difficult for me to deal with a sick son without my husband with me. On the other hand, Dane is still faced with homesickness and loneliness in KSA.

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Moments like these when we both almost want to give up but we know clearly that giving up in not an option on the list, we are most often comforted by God’s word and by just reminding each other that this is just temporary and someday, he’ll soon be back and we can all be happily together again.

During the times when we’re about to give up, we can always find comfort through the words of God. We know that He’s there and the reason we can still still live one day at a time and we can continue on. It’s His promises that can keep us going. We believe that He would bless our hard work and this will all not go to waste.

In Proverbs 14:23, His word says: “All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty”. I know that behind all these loneliness, sadness and hard work, lies a promise that God will bless all our labors. And He can use us more for His ministry through our financial assistance and this will also provide us a better future. So, we rest assure in His promises and His faithfulness in our lives. We are confident that God will not leave us in this 2 challenging years. Just a few days ago, I posted something on Facebook in relation to this current situation that we have and it’s about success.

Success doesn’t happen overnight, I wish it does but it just doesn’t work that way. Success represents years of…

Dane, also shared his favorite song on his playlist currently and it’s about not giving up and about God’s promise of help during dark times. Posting this here for those who might like it as much as I do. This has caused LSS to me already. hehe.

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