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MARCHing ON! :)

I’ve been in a short hiatus with blogging for a couple of days because of a few things that kept me busy, but I am back! Because it’s MARCH already!!! Can you even believe that? wow! It feels like it was just yesterday when we celebrated the new year. Amazing how time flies nowadays!

What do you have planned for March? I have a few on my list except for the unexpected ones that would maybe just pop up every now and then, lol. But for this month, I think this is going to be about finals and surprises! lol!

1. Nate is well!
First thing, I’d like to thank God for healing Nate’s cough. He was prescribed an antibiotic because for about a week, he was coughing for almost 2 weeks and I can finally have my sigh of relief now that he’s healed and is recovering from the weight he lost.

2. More to learn!
I also thank my workmate for introducing Shaw Academy, this kept me busy last month and I really enjoyed the learning process. It feels great to be able to learn new things at your own convenience, at the comfort of your home. I got my first course for free, and thankfully, they went on sale with MetroDeal for just Php 99 per course, so I hurried and got 3 more courses for myself. That will keep me busy this month and on April!

3. Surprise!
There are a couple of surprises I am planning to attend, of course, I won’t say what it is because it’ll defeat its purpose of because a surprise, lol! This is the only detail I can give out for now, but so far there are 2 surprise events I’m going to attend this month.

4. School Finals
Students finals are fast approaching, so time to save more for the tuition fees for the finals! lol!

5. “Self treat”!
I was wanting to get myself another haircut and hair treatment this month, hopefully, I’ll be able to budget some for that! haha. If not, I’ll go with a little clothes shopping for me and Nate.

6. Online wishlists
I saw a few products online that I also want to buy for Nate and for me. There’s one thing I am itching to buy which is on my wishlist already and I hope I can buy it soon! 🙂

7. Miss Dane even more
I expect to miss Dane more and more as the time goes on and in the mean time, I expect for our relationship to even grow stronger, with God’s help. Our communication has always remained constant but of course, we all agree that to be with our love ones in person is always a lot better but we are holding on to God’s promise that one day, he will be back home and we’ll be together again. There are times we’d wish he can go home right away but that’s just not an option for now. So we continue to pray for his safety and (of course) good health while he’s away from us.

For all these, I continue to “march” and push myself to enjoy, learn more and have fun this month. Again, I will not say, “March, please be good to me” but instead “March, I’ll be good to you”. No matter what God has in store for us this month. We will take it with great faith that God will always be on our side, no matter what.

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