Life of a WAHM and “helper-less”

Since the day Dane left to KSA, we always knew we needed a helper to help us with the household chores (specially that I needed to sleep during daytime because I work at night). I also needed someone to look after Nate when I’m at work (because of course, I can’t work and talk to my customers with Nate playing in the background, lol!).

So before Dane even left, we had a helper already, the first 3 weeks was not easy for all of us. Nate didn’t like her, didn’t want to sleep with her. I’m missing Dane big time and I always find myself sad because I wasn’t used to being away from him. It was a mess, but thankfully, after 3 weeks, Nate became close to her.

She was kind, she’s a bit old but I like her. The only problem is she has so many responsibilities at home (she’s a widower) and so there are times she could not go back right away. I let her go home during weekends. There was one time that she had to be absent for the entire week and that wasn’t easy for us at all. So I decided to get another helper.

(Bonus: Nate trying to figure out what I was drawing, she thought the car was a cloud! lol!)

Mama’s not good at drawing that’s why napagkamalang clouds ang car. Ahaha Daniel Matugas
Posted by Nilyn EC Matugas on Monday, March 21, 2016

The first helper’s exit was good, she understood why I needed to let her go, and every once in a while I would text her and ask how she’s doing. The next helper was younger, moves quicker and to me is a workaholic. She’s a single mom and she’s nice too. The only problem is she left for home without telling me that she wouldn’t come back anymore. So I didn’t know what to do.

There’s been so many days that I lack sleep because I needed to take care of Nate in the morning. I couldn’t (as you can see) blog or do my webinars anymore because I can’t find time for it. That’s the life I have right now. Currently, I’m just with Nate and my mother-in-law. It’s not easy but I think I’m starting to get used to it. And I’m not sure if I still need to get a helper, specially now that Nate is older.

Sorry for the long story, here’s a smiling potato. lol!

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  1. Mahirap talaga maghanap ng helper ngayon. Ako ilan ulit na muntik na magresign but God is always good, He will send us someone to help us. Right now I am okay with our helper kahit may mag dislikes ako, tinitingnan ko na lang how big help she is with us.

  2. I used to be WAHM when I tried ghost writing but it did not last long because I don't have nanny or helper at home so nakakastress din siya. lol

  3. It's tough when you're a working mom and you also have a child to take care of. Aside from the guilt of not being there, you also worry about how they are when you're not at home. It's good to leave them with family, like your MIL. That's better than getting a nanny.

  4. I can't imagine being a working mom (single woman here) so hats off to you! I was already in Grade4 when my mother went back to full time work. I can already manage being in the house without her. Plus, we live near my aunts so I had someone to be with after school.

  5. We never got a helper so if there is a serious situation in the house like when I got sick and hospitalized, it's really hard because my husband and daughter depends on me.

  6. We never had a helper din Mommy. May family run business kami and ako din minsan lang maka blog. Tapos solong anak pa ako. Ang hirap pero kakayanin. 😉 I am sure makakakita ka rin ng helper. God Bless.

  7. I'm sorry to hear about your situation Sis, Hirap nga yan , lalo pa at nasanay ka na merong helper. You can do it, time management and of course patience. I grew up without helper, my father died when I was 10 years old. As the oldest sibling I do pretty much everything for my brother and sister while my Mom do some work at our farm. Its hard, at kahit I'm already here in the US. I do all the housework, take care of my family and work. I'm sure naninibago ka palang and its great way to bond with little Nate too. Hopefully you can find wonderful helper very soon.

  8. Maybe you can ask a relative to help around, kahit a few hours in the morning lang? I work full time and I don't have a maid, but I have a cousin who does chores for me like make the house tidy and stuff.

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