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Book Review: The Secret Story of Shy Shelly

Before I say anything else, I feel the need to admit that I am no bookworm. I’d rather watch movie than read a book, lol. The last time I tried to finish a trilogy was like 3 or 4 years ago (and I didn’t finish even the first book, lol). So don’t expect this review to be technical or something. Take this as a review from someone who’s not so much into reading. 🙂

1. About the book
The secret story of Shy Shelly, written by Justine Hail & illustrated by Elbert Or. This book is about Shelly, a little girl who had a dilemma at school that needs to be resolved or she’ll be bothered always. She has a little secret she had to keep from her friends and this secret is disturbing her that she needs to do something about it. And being a shy girl makes this secret even more troubling for her.

2. What I like about The Secret Story of Shy Shelly
This is a short story so I like this one. This story was told very simply that I bet any grade school student can understand or relate. My favorite character was the lead character – Shelly because her story takes me back to my elementary days. It made me remember the shy classmates I had in school and understand even more. It reminded me that expressing their thoughts and feelings can be very challenging for them.

This story is laid properly but it kept me guessing what happened next at the end of the book (I haven’t read book 2 yet). My favorite part of the book was (of course) the time she finally had the courage to stand up and do something about her problem. This book gave me a clear idea of what shy people are and that speaking up is not as easy as I thought it would be. Which is why it is important to understand them and reach out to them, offer any help if possible and let them know we’re always there for them.

I love to read this book and the moment I started reading it, I did’t put it down anymore. I love the illustrations on the book as well, it made the story come alive even more.

3. What I don’t like about the book
I don’t think there’s any that I like in this book, it’s plain, simple, and satisfying in the end. I always want a happy ending and this book gave me that, so it’s good. Actually, this book is perfect for gradeschoolers but I like this very much, haha!

4. Conclusion
So to round up my first book review, this book is so reader-friendly, short and nice. This is (as I mentioned) perfect for little kids (specially girls) who are timid and are afraid to speak up or socialize. Also an eye opener for those who aren’t shy, you will get a view of what it feels like to be a shy person (and that you can’t really judge them). Moms like me will also have a good read of this book, it leads us to understanding what their children might be experiencing in school. Also reminds us parents that bullying is definitely everywhere so we have to be watchful of those and need to check our kids at school from time to time.

Thanks to OMF for the opportunity to own and read this book. 🙂

Disclaimer: This ebook was sent to me for free by OMF Literature, Inc. to read and provide a review. All opinions in this review are of my own.

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