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The Nutri10 Food Supplement Project Verdict: Why Nutri10 is Good for your child

Today, my 3-month experiment with Nutri10 Plus Food Supplement ends. I have to say it has been a smooth sailing journey with the 4 kids I have asked to try the vitamins. None of them had allergic reaction to it.
I know I promised to give a biweekly updates, but then, I realized, you really don’t get biweekly updates with vitamins, you have to give it some time for their body to take in the nutrients. I believe this 3 month duration is just perfect for us to see what progress the vitamin has gave them. 
Here’s the result of my Nutri10 3-month project. 
1. Jezrel (age: 4) 
Before Nutri10 Plus Food Supplement: 
Height: 97 CM
Weight: 15 kgs
After 3 months with Nutri10 Plus Food Supplement: 
Height: 98 CM
Weight: 16 kgs
Jezrel has shown nothing but positive reaction with Nutri10 Plus Food Supplement. She’s gained weight and had more appetite with her food according to her mom. Her mother didn’t have any problem giving her the vitamins because she loved the taste of it! She was so “hiyang” with Nutri10 which is a really good thing! Her mother continues to give her Nutri10 as she’s seen great improvements with it. 
2. Joash (Age: 1)
Before Nutri10 Plus Food Supplement: 
Height: 71 CM
Weight: 8 kgs
After 3 months with Nutri10 Plus Food Supplement: 
Height: 98 CM
Weight: 9 kgs
Joash has also shown an awesome result with Nutri10. His mother noticed just a few days after taking the vitamins that he liked sleeping and eating more often. I saw he got bigger a few weeks after taking it too. Sadly though, few weeks ago, Joash got really sick which affected his weight so much. Good thing he’s all well now. Oras na para bumawi, Joash! 
3. MJ (Age: 7)
Before Nutri10 Plus Food Supplement: 
Height: 115 CM
Weight: 21 kgs
After 3 months with Nutri10 Plus Food Supplement: 
Height: n/a
Weight: 25 kgs
MJ also showed great improvement with Nutri10. He’s gained weight and always ask for food! Lol! His mother even joked and asked if I can also give her free rice for MJ! Haha! I could also see MJ got fatter with Nutri10. This boy was so “hiyang” with Nutri10, I wish I could give him more. 
4. RV (Age: 8)
Before Nutri10 Plus Food Supplement: 
Height: n/a
Weight: 24 kgs
After 3 months with Nutri10 Plus Food Supplement: 
Height: n/a
Weight: n/a (I shouldn’t have included RV anymore because I wasn’t able to get his stats but he’s part of the project so I had to still add him here. 
I think RV didn’t really like Nutri10. His mother said there’s not much that changed in him. He’s a picky eater and wouldn’t want to sleep in the afternoon as he’d prefer playing. Unfortunately, his mother was unable to measure his height, nor get his weight, I think the wasn’t cooperative at the time she was trying to get his stats! lol! 
5. Bonus child. Another kid in the church also got to try Nutri10 because his mother asked 1 bottle of Nutri10 about 2 weeks ago. Last Sunday, she asked if I still have more Nutri10 because her son liked it! She said his appetite improved with Nutri10. 
Why Nutri10 is Good for your child
1. Being a food supplement, Nutri10 is safe to take and most often do not cause allergic reaction to kids. All 4 of them didn’t have any allergic reaction to Nutri10, which is a very good thing since this is one of the basic things we look for in foods, vitamins and even medicine.

2. Nutri10 helps your child be “magana” – this is one of the first things the kids moms told me. The product really helped boost their child’s appetite. If your child is a picky eater, you way want to try this out. Many parents worry about their kids being picky with food. We don’t want that happening to our kids. Nutri10 is formulated to boost our children’s “gana” with food. 

3. Nutri10 helps your child gain weight. If you think your child is a little underweight, might as well try this one out. MJ and Jezrel really liked the food supplement and have both gained weight throughout the 3-month duration. 
4. Child-friendly taste. Some of the kids complained about the tastes of their vitamin. With its ponkan flavor, you can be assured that most kids will like the taste of it. Unfortunately though, Nate is one of the few kiddos who didn’t like the taste of Nutri10. 
Again, thanks a bunch to Wert and Nutri10 Plus Food Supplement for letting us try this product out! My final say is, still, each child’s body is different and how their body reacts to the vitamins also varies from one child to another. Some kids may have allergic reaction to it, some may not. Some might hate even just the smell of it. Which is why we have trial and error, lol. 
But if we base on the kids that tried the product, I can say it works on most children. If you can’t decide one what vitamins to settle for your child, might as well give this product a try. 

Have you tried Nutri10 for your child? What’s your verdict? 

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  1. Haha. Naku sis, medyo natakot din ako sa bigla nyang paglaki but his doctor said naman na okay yun wieght nya plus super active naman nya kasi e. At nahilig pa lalo kumain ng fruits and vegetables. Salamat sa Nutri10.

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