RestoReview: Yellow Tree Café

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to visit one of the nice cafés in Panay Ave in Quezon City, together with the entire OpenRice team and food bloggers. It was perfect because before that, we were also able to visit Choobi Choobi, which served heavy and mouth watering foods. Yellow tree was our next stop which is a great place to chill after a heavy meal.

We were welcomed by 2 of the owners of the café and next thing that happened was a good chill at the place. Yellow Tree Café first opened in Dagupan 4 years ago and their branch in Panay was their 3rd branch. They offer coffee and other complimentary drinks as well as gelato ice creams, cakes and breads.

If you’re wondering why “Yellow Tree”, well, yellow and tree will always symbolize prosperity. We see so many yellow fruits which means they’re ready for harvest and trees also symbolize growth. It’s a great name actually; I didn’t appreciate until I knew what it meant.

1. Store capacity – the store can accommodate roughly 20-25 persons altogether. It’s a small store with nice and simple interiors, upon coming, you will be welcomed by the store counter where you can make orders.

Melisa and ZD busy taking photos of their nicely decorated walls

Them enjoying their orders

2. Food offers – Yellow tree café has many choices of drinks, which is a really great thing. They don’t settle with “just” coffee. If you’re not into coffee like me, rest assured that you’ll have other options. I had a chocolate frappe instead. They also have fruit flavored frappes, so many options to choose from!

The best sellers
moist cake & carrot cake – 150 php/slice
cute & yummy carrot cake at 150 php/slice
I wouldn’t drink this, it’s super cute! lol!
Nate is calling the whip cream “Ice cream”, we settled for a chocolate based drink
mango cake – 150 php/slice
Nate loving their displays 🙂

They’ve added gelato to their offers because one of the owners was also having his own gelato business, so they’ve incorporated it on their menu. When it comes to cakes, they also have their own suppliers. Really, you can choose from coffee, choco drinks (hot or cold), pastries, tea, or milk tea.

3. The staff – let me just say something; their staff are very accommodative and friendly! I haven’t seen anyone who was frowning when we were there. And for customers like me and Melisa, who have little toddlers, we can be a real pain when it comes to restaurant staff! You know why? Because we make mess here, mess there, mess everywhere! Lol! Our entire table at this time was filled with mess; I had to apologize to one of them before we left. But I didn’t feel judged at all, so thank you! It means so much to us.

Staff accommodating other bloggers’ orders

4. Accessibility – Yellow tree café is located one of the streets in Panay Avenue. It’s not too far from Quezon Avenue so you can walk from there if you had to commute like me. If you are riding your own car, just ask everything to Google Maps or Waze and you’re good to go! Lol. The place is very accessible, you don’t have to worry about getting lost.

If you’re near the place, you give it a try! This might become your next favorite stop! 🙂

Yellow Tree Café is located at:
102 Panay Ave., South Triangle
Quezon City, Philippines
Mon-Sun 9 AM – 12 MN

You may also visit them on Facebook @ Yellow Tree Café, QC
Or on Instagram @YellowTreeQC

photo opps with the cafe owners

*This restaurant visit & review is made possible through OpenRice PH, your choice in finding Metro Manila Restaurants

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