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As we get busier with our jobs and all the things that we are doing, sometimes with the things we are doing repeatedly, we end up with stock knowledge. lol. I admit that, do you ever feel like you haven’t learned much new things? I do, haha. And this should not be. Learning is a continuous process. However, with the things that we do, we hardly could find a way to join short seminars and courses. I am so happy I found Shaw Academy, this is the answer to busy working folks like you and me who don’t want to be left out and who love to learn more and more. No, this isn’t a sponsored post. I just feel the need to share this can be very useful, specially for bloggers like me. 🙂

– Financial Trading
– Digital Marketing
– Photography
– Nutrition
– Graphic Design
– Web Development
– Social Media Marketing
– Photoshop
– Sports Nutrition
– Lightroom
– Blogging and Content Marketing
– Mobile app Development
– Wedding Photography
– Diet and Weight
– Child Nutrition
– Microsoft Excel
– Career Advancement
– Metal Trading
– Household Budgeting
– Health and Fitness
– Investment

These are the courses available in Shaw Academy, and if you want more, they are working on adding more courses this year. Their courses are a bit expensive but they offer 1 course for free to those just signed up. If you want to take more additional courses, you then can purchase any additional courses you like.

My simple tip when it comes to taking more courses is to find a discounted price. I’m glad last week, MetroDeal has offered Shaw academy courses for Php 99 only, I immediately ordered for 3 courses! lol! I’m so excited for this. And for those who are interested, here’s why you should try Shaw Academy.

1. Live Webinar – their sessions are taken live. And during their webinars, they have a team that can answer your questions as you go along.

2. Accessible recordings 24/7 – if you can’t attend their live webinars, just like me (since the webinar happens at 3AM Manila time), don’t worry, you are not left out. The recorded webinar uploads no later than 24 hours so you can watch and learn at your own convenience.

3. Online Support – You will get a reminder a day before each session starts, you’ll also get a call 30 mins before the session starts, you will never forget because there are too many reminders! lol! And if you have any more questions, all you have to do is send them an email. Shaw Academy is really cool for me!

4. Assignments & Exams – they also have weekly quiz and final exam to gauge your learning, you will be graded and once you pass, you can have your diploma that you can later use in your CV. Or you can also just learn for added knowledge, it’s completely up to you! 😉

I hope you find this helpful! Cheers to learning! ♥

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write about this website. I just think this can be helpful to some who loves to continue learning 😉

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