RestoReview: Eat’s a Date at Choobi-Choobi

Last week was another chance to experience a new restaurant in QC that’s starting to create a name of its own: Choobi Choobi (lingaw-lingaw kaon). Lingaw-lingaw is a bisaya word for “chill” or “enjoy”.

Choobi-Choobi sounds really cute! lol. But what’s behind it is a restaurant based in Cebu that has been franchised here in Metro Manila and it starting to gain more and more customers because of their great food offers.  Choobi-Choobi in Panay Ave is the pioneer branch here in the Metro, it’s franchised, yes, and when they started, they had to take their staff to Cebu for extensive seminar so that they could really bring the Cebu taste here in Luzon.

1. The Place – Choobi-Choobie is located one of the streets in Panay Avenue. It’s not too far from Quezon Avenue so you can walk from there if you had to commute like me. If you are riding your own car, just ask everything to Google Maps or Siri and you’re good to go! Lol. The place is very accessible; you don’t have to worry about getting lost.

Their Place is so huge, it can accommodate about 150 – 180 customers, perfect for family and group gatherings. Not only that, they’re also renovating their upper store to accommodate even more customers.

2. The staff – by the time we got there, we were welcomed by the restaurant manager who was very kind to introduced the meals to us one by one. They have so many staff, they even have a security guard and they were all kind.

3. The food – I can’t wait to share with you what we tasted! It’s super sumptuous I want to go back there already! Lol!

shrimp in a bag – Php 395

Shrimp in a bag with salted egg is one of their best sellers. Shrimp is super tasty and because may hiwa sa likod ng shrimp, mas lalong nanunuot ang lasa sa shrimp nila. This shrimp is also not over cooked, it’s not so orangey, which means that it’s cooked just right. Here’s what I learned, if your shrimp is formed in a  letter “C”, it means it’s just cooked the way it should be and you will get that tender meat. Unlike those that are really closed already, makunat na minsan, kumbaga.

Chilean Mussels in a bag – Php 325

Chilean Mussels in a bag – this tahong is cooked with creamy gata and has a spicy flavor those who are into spicy stuff would really love to eat. I still enjoyed it even though I had just a few taste, because, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m not into spicy food. 😀 But I couldn’t resist not tasting this one, ‘coz it’s super delicious. The saltiness of the mussels and the sweetness of the corn and coconut together, is just perfect!

Stuffed grilled squid – Php 250

Stuffed grilled squid with Paella Negra. It’s a grilled squid with rice stuffed inside it. I love the taste of the meat on this one plus, the paella inside it is perfect, it’s just so delectable.

Stan’s fried black pepper shrimp – Php 440

Stan’s fried black pepper shrimp. This is shrimp deep fried, and because the manager said na nakakain lahat, I really tried eating everything! haha. It’s crispy, and yes, you can really eat everything (although other bloggers prefer not to eat all of it). It comes with a special Stan’s sauce made just for this recipe.

Choobi Pata – M 445/L 465

Choobi Pata – oh, if I were to choose from all these, I would, without any doubt, choose this one! Oh, it’s super yummy, all of us loved this one! The skin is super thin, crispy and really palatable! It gave me a very exquisite flavor. Everything is tasty! Oh I miss this already!

Sabaw na halaan – Php 210

Sabaw na halaan – this is quite spicy so Nate didn’t like it, but I did. I’m still breastfeeding Nate so, lahat ng food na may sabaw, ok sakin, lol, specially clamps! They are known to increase milk supply for moms.

Cha Tao Miao – Php 180

Cha Tao Miao – it’s organic, it tastes really good. I even kept on asking for more of this. It reminds me of my very loved “alugbati” but it has a completely different taste as well.

2. Location & Contact Details

Choobi-Choobi is located at:
102 Panay Ave., South Triangle
Quezon City, Philippines
Mon-Sun 9 AM – 12 MN

You may also visit them on Facebook @ ChoobiChoobi
Or visit their website @ www.choobichoobi.com

*This restaurant visit & review is made possible through OpenRice PH, your choice in finding Metro Manila Restaurants

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