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5 “Unreasonable reasons” not to attend a school reunion

Last December, I was very happy to be able to not only attend but also help organize our HS reunion 10 years after graduation! I was honestly super thrilled and excited to see my HS friends and classmates. Sadly, there were just a few of us who made it, which made me hope that in the next coming reunions, more folks will be able to join.

One of the main reasons for others not to be able to attend is their busy schedules. Gosh, I wish we could go back to our HS lives where we have the same schedules and can just easily set a get together. Now that we’re “older”, there are so many things to consider already, which made me appreciate those who are able to organize and gather many attendees on a high school reunion even more.

Our reunion in December 2015, 10 years after graduation

Since I was part of the planning/organizing team, I’ve heard quite a few reasons to not attend the reunion. Some, for me are acceptable, some are funny and unreasonable, lol! Of course schedule will always be an excuse, especially that we had it on a busy December. But for all who are not into attending reunions, here are a few unacceptable reasons not to attend a reunion and I hope we can contemplate on it and maybe be able to attend any future reunions? ๐Ÿ˜€

1. “I’m shy”. I heard this reason not just once but a few times, and you can say I didn’t understand how shy-people feel about being uneasy when surrounded by people in a gathering, but, “come on!” reunions happen very seldom, please get out of your comfort zone and mingle with your old friends/classmates! ๐Ÿ˜€

2. “I didn’t achieve anything in life”. Before you say anything further, let me tell you, reunions are not about achievement. You don’t go to reunions to talk about your hourly salary rate or how rich you are now and all that stuff. Although, that could be talked about as that chit-chatting goes, but no, that’s not the main reason why you’re there. You go to reunions to remember the past together, remember the funny moments with them together, talk about the crazy things you did together, and laugh at the silly moments you had with your favorite teacher. So if you have this mindset over reunions, please stop it and just go! lol! I didn’t graduate tertiary up to now, but I’m so darn proud to be an undergrad! Just kidding, no I just don’t care! That’s not what I come for.

3. “They’re rich, I’m still poor”. When we see our old classmates on social media and we see that they’re living up their dreams and they seem to have a good time always, we think that they’re getting rich and we’re still poor and could be another reason why we feel ashamed to join any alumni reunions. Well, that can be true, but we have to remember that each one has his/her own problems in life. We all go through a lot and contentment is still the key to this. Someone can be very rich but if he’s/she’s not contented and you are, you are a lot happier than him/her.

4. “I have a child I can’t leave at home”. When it’s past 10 years since your HS graduation, I bet 60-75% are already married or have children. And some would think that those who have kids are not allowed to attend. Hey, that’s not true! I took Nate with me, some of my classmates who were there also took their kids with them, which is actually nice because you get to see the little ones! Nate had the chance to play with my old friend’s toddler, Tobi, during our reunion. And it adds more spice to the chit chat because when you last saw each other, there were no kids at all!

5. “I didn’t graduate at that school”. Dude, it doesn’t matter! lol! You had a friend there, you created memories in that school, you stepped on that school throughout the academic years that you enrolled there. Really, nobody cares as long as you join! ๐Ÿ™‚

If you are invited in a reunion and your schedule/distance allows you to, please do attend. And do not forget these: 1.) You are a part of the whole, 2.) Your presence is important, 3.) Your classmates wants to see you again, even for a short period of time and that 4.) this is nothing but bonding, creating memories and having a good time with your old school mates. So before you decline any future invitations to a school reunion, think twice :).

I had a great time during our reunion, it was simple, we were just few but we had a blast and it was hilarious! I would love to do it again with more classmates/schoolmates who didn’t make it.

*I’m speaking as a graduate of a provincial, government school based in a rural area. With that being said, this may not be true to all people, some of these are based on my own experience, some are from the people I get to talk to.

8 Replies to “5 “Unreasonable reasons” not to attend a school reunion”

  1. parang ang saya-saya nito gaw ah… kami din eh sa General Santos last December high School Batch tapos yong nandito sa Manila sa Laguna naman nag hot spring sila, di aku pumunta kc over night tapos mga unbeliever pa may inum inuman,

  2. Masaya talaga gaw. un lang, ako kasi umuwi ako e, di ako nag overnight. And they respect naman pag sinabi mong di ka umiinom, alam naman nila ako dati pa kasi sa HS na di talaga ako umiinom.

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