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6 reasons why I take my son with me to events

We all can agree that children can be very fussy sometimes and that they have a really short attention span which is why many would rather not take them to events. Moms or parents who take their kids with them on the other hand, just like me, are unfortunately being judged sometimes for taking our kids with us to events. If I am now in my early 20s and still single, I can be one of those who would ask myself “why did she take her child with her on this kind of event?”. But now that I am a mother myself, I appreciate those parents who come to events with their kids.

For those who don’t understand and those who give mothers like us a “stare” when our child starts getting fussy or noisy on events, let me share with you why I take my son to events with me…

1. Because I’m allowed to do so.
Let me tell you something, there are a few events that I had to decline because little kids aren’t allowed inside, and I understand that, I really do. Which is why I’d rather not join that kind of event. But if you see me with my son on the event, trust me, I asked the organizer first if I can take my child with me! So yeah, I’m sorry if my son would sometimes run around, I’m trying my best to make him stay, but please understand, that it was fine for the event organizer to take him and that is enough reason for me. 🙂

2. So I can bond with him.
I am a WAHM, I work when the sun goes down and I sleep when the sun is up! There’s just a few hours during workdays that I can spend time with my son. If there’s an event and I don’t take him with me, we won’t have a time together anymore because right after I arrive home, I’d to sleep already so I can stay awake for the entire shift. lol. So taking him to the event with me could just be the only time we can have together.

3. It’s always feels great to share my experience with him.
Since I gave birth to my son, the fact remains that there’s that additional person I will never be able to take off my head anymore. That person is someone I will always love, I will always think about and I will always love to spend time with. That’s the added “gift” to becoming a mother.

As a mother and a friend to Nate, I always feel good every time I can have my experience shared with him. Events like press releases and food tasting is something that I really love to do and I want my son to experience that too. They’re only little once, so I’d like to take that opportunity to be a part of his life while he’s still young. Could’ve been a lot better if Dane is with us as well, but for now, we’ll have to do this without him since he’s away.

4. I don’t worry if he’s with me and I see him near
If you are a mom like me, you can definitely relate to this. I remember there was one event that I left him home, and I tell you, the moment I stepped out of the door, I started worrying about him and what time I can go home already. I’m still breastfeeding Nate and that’s another reason why.

I don’t want to be plastic here, I would love some time alone too, who doesn’t love mommy time anyway? But, no matter how much we love to spend time alone sometimes, again, that little child who is occupying our mind and heart will never ever stop reminding us if the child we left at home is still fine. Can’t take that away from a mother anymore. lol.

5. Give a time for the nanny to rest.
I know taking care of my son could be really hard for the nanny to do. So if I take my son with me to events, I don’t just spend time to bond with my son, I’m also giving the nanny the time to rest and sleep. That’s my way of saying “thank you for taking care of my son”.

6. I am a “mommy” blogger
My son has a great part in this blog. I am a mother, and many of my posts talk about me, my son and my family. I blog about my child and that’s the impression I always want to show on my blog. One of the main reasons why I continue blogging is because of my child (so he can see and read this when he grows up maybe?). With that being said, the essence of me being a mommy blogger could be a lot different if I don’t take my son with me to events, isn’t it?

So if you feel annoyed by my child at one point during the event that we go together, I’m so sorry, but please know that I am trying my best for him not to be a destruction. And don’t worry, when he’s a little older, he’ll learn to be more and more patient on events. For now, as a blogger like me, I hope you can bear with us.

From a mother who tries to manage things with my little kiddo around 🙂

10 Replies to “6 reasons why I take my son with me to events”

  1. Actually I admire you for taking your son to events. You're exposing him to people and it gives you more time to bond with him. Years from now, you will see good results and you'll be happy you did the things you did for your son.

  2. I rarely go to events because it means I have to bring my son too and I know it is not easy if you have kid in tow. Kaya bilib din ko sa mga moms na nadadala ang anak sa events, hirap magsaway ha. As long as you're allowed to bring your child, deadma na sa iba.

  3. Taking our kids to events is always nice. We're able to give them experience and expose them to different situations. It develops their people skills. Really. It's nice that you take your son everywhere!

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