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ProdReview: Elliot Audio Bluetooth Speaker

The same day I redeemed my Chips Delight prize, my gift from Greenbulb PR was also delivered in the mail. What a blessing and a good way to start the year! ♥

I was so happy to receive Wyett Preschool Gold for Nate – although, I have to say that this product will have to stay in the storage for now until Nate is 3 years old. Also, I am still breastfeeding and haven’t weaned him yet. Good thing the milk doesn’t expire ‘til Sept. 2017. Nate will turn 3 on May 2017, so that’s just perfect.

“The relationship between music and child development is a widely discussed subject in the circles of early childhood music therapists. Thru extensive interaction and training with young minds, they have discovered the role music plays in a child’s cognitive development is anchored on the theory of multiple intelligence.”

If you personally know me, you are aware that I’m not a very techy person, so this review is from a mother and a regular woman who loves listening to music.This is my very first Bluetooth speaker so I feel so naive unboxing this thing! Haha! But here’s what I love about this product.

1. Durable
When you have a toddler, expect your gadgets to drop and be thankful if it just dropped once! Lol! A few seconds after I unboxed this speaker, Nate took it and dropped it right away! Binyagan!!!! Haha! Good thing this product is covered with a jelly case that made it shockproof. Products like this is what mothers like me need.

2. It has all the “proof” you need!
Proof for what? I don’t mean the evidence; I mean (a.) waterproof, (b.) shock proof & even (c.) rust proof! Wow, this product is amazing! I so look forward to using this with my devices for a long time!

3. Loud and clear
This, above all, is what we need in speakers! I call this speaker “small but terrible”! I don’t need any speakers to plug near my laptop anymore, less hassle! This is super handy and perfect for me.

Although, we have to know that since Bluetooth is a wireless radio signal technology, there are cracking sound sometimes, specially when both devices are away from each other. Also, any objects between the paired devices affect the performance of the speaker, like walls, big items and doors.

4. Affordable.
I checked the price of this product online and I was surprised to learn that it only costs no more than 1,000 pesos! Wow, you sure get so much from this speaker for that amount! This is at 999 pesos in kimstore.com, just a site I found online.

5. Long battery life
This speaker’s built-in rechargeable battery supports up to 6 hrs playing time. This speaker is perfect everywhere: in your car, at home, in the office and even during your concern sessions in the bathroom 😉

6. User friendly
When I think of Bluetooth speakers before, I would think, how are we even gonna use that without a screen on the speaker? Now, mystery’s solved – there’s a talking woman hiding inside who will tell you once the device is pairing, or if it’s searching for devices, or if it needs charging! Cool! (I know many of you already know this, but then again, this is my first time! Lol! Pagbigyan!)

Product Specs: 
– The beautiful sealed silicone cases and interface design ensure Waterproof, Shockproof, dustproof, can be used under harsh environment (such as, outdoor and shower)
– Support A2DP and and built with a 5W speaker. It can streams incrediable stereo sound with full range output, crystal clear articulate high end.
– It has built-in MIC Bluetooth speaker and hands-free function, so you can conveniently pick up a call by this mini speaker in car, bathroom, at home or office, anywhere during it is connected to your Smartphone.
– Built in rechargeable battery, supports up to 6 hours playing time at the volume to 70% of the maximum volume
– It supports any Bluetooth-enabled devices such as iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy/Note/tablet, HTC and so on, PDA, tablet PC, iPad, Mac Air, MP3 players, PCs, laptops, etc

Source: http://kimstore.com/p/elliot-audio-bluetooth-speakers/

Thanks again to Greenbulb PR, I am so happy for this product! Do you own a Bluetooth speaker? What do you love about it?

*This product was sent to me at no cost. I am not obliged to do a product review in exchange of the product, all opinions are my own. 

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  1. I received a bluetooth speaker this holiday too. It is from Pilipinas Teleserv. I was about to buy one pa naman, buti na lang dumating bago pa ako makabili.
    So far, it works fine.

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