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High School Reunion after a decade! ♥

One of the reasons why I went home to Tagum last month was because of our high school reunion. Wow, I can’t imagine it’s been 10 years since we said our goodbyes and well wishes after graduation. When I think about seeing most of them again for the first time after 10 years, I feel really excited, I couldn’t help but grin!

I think my HS batch already had a mini reunion few years past, but they were just few. We were hoping to gather as many as we could for this reunion after a decade. I thought it would be easy but as I was already there helping in organizing and planning, I was really challenged – most of all with the fact that it’s SUPER difficult to contact them now and reconcile their schedules with the reunion date.

Our class valedictorian, Roselyn was the head of the entire planning with me helping and Jecyl, my 1st year classmate (who transferred to another school but married our classmate in the end! what a love story! ♥). With the challenges we encountered, there are times I would think I would NEVER help with any future reunions anymore, but then I thought, if not me, who else will help?

Now that we’ve graduated, meeting is not as easy as cutting classes and going somewhere anymore. lol! You have to remember that each one of your classmates now have their own lives, their own families and most of all, others are now far away! Some are even abroad! Please tell me when are the scientist going to invent teleportation? haha! Makes me regret a bit that I didn’t spend much time with them when we were still young and we’re at the same place with almost the same schedules. So to all high school students out there, make every moment count! 🙂

The greatest work we did I think was to visit our classmates to their houses just to be able to get their confirmation to join. That sounds easy but it meant me leaving Nate for about 5-6 hours because it was raining a bit and we had to ride on a motorcycle. It was the first time I left Nate for that long, it wasn’t easy but I’m so proud to say he managed it well. My mother said he woke up wondering where I was but understood when he was told I went somewhere. He just played and ate. Aw, my boy is getting more mature! ♥

photo opp before lunch

Ok, back to our reunion, I was really hoping to meet more of them, but then again, what can I expect, 1. it’s December, too busy for the holidays, 2. we’re all grown ups with so many responsibilities/priorities, 3. we’re working and many of us can’t escape from their work scheds, so there was… I think about 30 of us in total who were able to join.

We reunited in one of the nice beaches near Tagum, it was in Beach view located in Pindasan, Mabini, Compostela Valley Province. It was fun, it wasn’t grand but what’s important is we got to meet and greet a few of our HS class/batch mates. We had a few activities and more singing and chatting! lol. It was fun and I really had a great time.

Because there were just a few of us, we were able to have everyone talk about their lives after HS, I really liked that part, who would’ve thought that the simple classmate sitting right next to you before is now a professional teacher, or a soldier, an agriculturist, a business person or millionaire? I’m kidding about the millionaire! haha. But who knows, maybe in the next few more years, one of us will be, right? Who would’ve thought we’ll be that in a span of 10 years? It’s amazing when you think that back in HS, we were just dreaming about what we will become, and here we are now, living our lives and doing the things that we once were just dreaming.

Our childish & funny game! 🙂

Then we went silly and played a funny game! haha. Oh, it’s so nice to go back to high school! Then we sang our High School theme song! And I tell you, I sure had all the feels at that time while I was singing our song, I remembered all the wonderful memories we have in high school.

Unfortunately, due to the busy schedules, only 2 teachers made it. Sir Rosete who came alone and Sir Orcullo who came with his wife, also a teacher in our school – Ma’am Faith (Baterbonia) Orcullo, with their kiddo. And we are very happy to be with them. To Sir Rosete and Sir Orcullo (and all other mentors), you will always have a special place in our hearts. Thank you for helping us and for celebrating with us. We hope to see you again in the next reunions. Thanks for all your support specially during planning &preparations. Grabe, wala akong masabi, you’re very supportive to us.

Our teacher, Mr. Ariel Orcullo
MAPEH teacher & 3rd year adviser to some, Mr. Jobert Rosete 

To all my batch mates who were able to attend (although most are men), thank you so much for your time and for joining. Let’s hope that this is not the last, I wish to really see more of our batch mates and I hope that you’ll still attend all our future reunions.

To all my batch mates who didn’t make it, I hope we all can attend the next reunions & gatherings our batch will have. It always feels great to be able to see you guys and know your whereabouts. If you think I don’t have your number yet, please shoot me a ping and I’ll keep you in my contact list for all future gatherings (which I hope, I, myself can also join). Here’s a short slideshow of us during and after HS. PS: I know the song is a throwback. I miss this band! lol!

We can’t forget the generosity of our sponsors, let me drop names, Cris Puralan who’s in Jeddah, KSA and Julius Diestro who’s working in Qatar for your monetary support guys, thank you! Our lovely couple Roselyn & Jolito Gomez for the lechon! To everyone, thank you guys, it was so nice to see you all again!

Let’s do it again this year!!!

About Sagayen National High School: 
SNHS is located in  Sagayen, Asuncion, Davao del Norte, it is a government school in a rural area and it started in 1999 with just 1st year and 2nd year HS students at that time. If I’m not mistaken we’re the 4th batch of graduates from this school, yes, we’re one of the pioneers. Nowadays, this school continues to help in nurturing and building the foundations of teens in the area. I wish our school all the best.

MORE PHOTOS BELOW (You’ve been warned! lol)
L to R: Jessa Celino, Jumary Calinga, Michelle Serame (& kiddo), Gerly Magdula & Jecyl Jabines (Maureal)
L to R: Jesterex Roferos, Sir Orcullo, Jolito Gomez, Joselito Cueme, (Sir) Jemboy Maureal & Johnny Batucan
L to T: Michelle Serame, Jumary Calinga, Jessa Celino & Roselyn Alvarado
Roselyn Alvarado & Jecyl Jabines (Maureal (with kiddo)
Roselyn Alvarado, me & Nate, Jumary Calinga
L to R: Johnny Batucan, Rando Ador, Jun Maneja, Jesterex Roferos
Jolito Gomez & Sir Orcullo
Jessa & Jumary
our silly game! lol!
Joselito Cueme & Ronel Magsayo
Jessa Celino, Sir Rosete & Jumary Calinga
Me & Nate, Sir Rosete & Roselyn
Nicolas Espina, Sir Rosete, Jolito & Sir Orcullo
Sang our graduation song while Nate was feeling his microphone moment. lol. 

munch time! 🙂
Kiddos, beach and sand
of course, we won’t miss the opportunity of remaking their photo. 🙂
L to R (Standing): Sir Orcullo, Leneil Valdez, Ronel Magsayo, Johnny Batucan, Jun Maneja, Rando Ador, Jesterex Roferos, Gemar Ardientes, Jolito Gomez, Marjun Rabanes, Jobert Daria (back), Ariel Carbonilla, Joselito Cueme, Jemboy Maureal, Nicolas Espina & Sir Jobert Rosete
Sitting: Michelle (Serame) Abdul & kid, Gerly Magdula, Jessa Celino, Roselyn Alvarado, Nilyn (Cartagena) Matugas & Nate, Jecyl (Jabines) Maureal & Jumary Calinga

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  1. Looks like you had so much fun! Kami ng gradeschool and highschool batch mates ko wala pang reunion, and it's been 18 years since we left HS, and 22 for GS. Hay, time surely flies.

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