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Chips Delight Contest, I won! Wohoow!

About 2nd or 3rd week of November, last year, I asked my friends and family to help me gain more and more likes for a contest I joined for bloggers hosted by Chips Delight. And for the first time, out of the many failed attempts, I WON! Haha! Thanks to all my friends and family who helped me out. I was notified last month about the prize but it wasn’t until last week that Nate and I claimed it. Guess what? It’s a basketful of Chips Delight! I’m in cookie heaven! Haha!

If only Dane was here, I’d be happier! He loves chocolates more than I do. Thank you so much Galingco for my prize! I had a difficult time commuting with Nate going home, but, I’m superwoman, so, I went home alive! Lol!

Chips Delight, as we know, is known to produce delightfully-baked cookies for families for a very long time now. But here’s what some of us may not know: Chips Delight now comes in TEN! Yes, 10 different flavors to delight your sweet tooth! Let me name them all:

1. Chocolate Chip Cookies
2. Soft Brownie Cookies
3. Peanut and Caramel Chip Cookies
4. Coffee Caramel 
5. Striped Chocolate Chip Cookies
6. Striped Cappuccino Chocolate
7. Triple Overload Chocolate Chip Cookies
8. Chocolate Chip Brittle Brownie
9. Mini Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies
10. Mini No Sugar Added Chocolate Chip Cookies

Nate loves these cookies as much as I do. Which is why he’s giving you some tips on how to enjoy your cookies – the Nate version! 🙂

1. Eat with its all-time partner – MILK!

2. Use your hand, don’t mind the mess!

3. Dunk your cookies in the glass of milk and without second thoughts, gulp!

4. If hands are tired – get the cookie from the plate using your mouth! Haha.

Thanks to Galingco for my prize, I absolutely love them all! Any cookie lovers out there? Do you you love Chips Delight?

Disclaimer, I got the products as a prize for winning the Chips Delight bloggers contest on Facebook. I am not obligated to post anything about the product on my blog but still doing this as I’m so happy with what I got. lol!

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