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7 Prayers for 2016

Hi! Happy new once again y’all! This week, I know most of us has just started settling in again from the busy December. Like most of you, I almost didn’t have any time last month for blogging like I usually do. Hooraay! December is finally done! Now, everything is back to normal. hahahaha.

Another year is here to challenge us and remind us of how blessed we are to be surrounded with people who love us and whom we love. 2016 calls out to give us another good start and tell us that there’s always a reason to be thankful for. This year, let’s welcome the challenges and think of them as stepping stones for a better “us”. As I greet 2016 with positivity, I have 7 prayers for me and the things/people I care about.

1. Good Health. Many always say, you can be super rich but can never buy health. We may not be luxurious but what’s important is that we have good health always. This is one of the things that I always pray because “bawal magkasakit!”.

When I think of health, I always think of my mother, she bleeds so much during menstruation and becomes really pale (to yellowish) in color. 2 years back, she needed 7 bags of blood and an operation which later couldn’t be done because of complications with her health.

Secondly, I think about my husband, Dane, who’s away and is working abroad. He has asthma attacks sometimes. Although it’s just mild and doesn’t happen most often but when triggered, it can be really difficult as well. I don’t want him sick especially that he’s away from us.

And third, Nate, of course. I always pray for good health for him. When he gets sick, I’d wish his pain can just be transferred to me because I can easily just handle that rather than seeing him in pain.

Well, I really hope for everyone to have good health, it’s very important to have that so that is surely one of my prayers for this year. Not only for me, my family and friends, but also for you – yes you who are reading this right now. 🙂

2. Safety. With the calamities that’s going on everywhere, typhoons, earthquakes, name it – no place is safe anymore. And that doesn’t just limit to natural calamities there are also those heartless people who steals, snatches, scam others, and many more.

Furthermore, let’s not forget to pray for a safe election 2016. I hope that the right leader will get elected to presidency and there’s no anomaly when it comes to the votes (you know what I mean).

Nowadays, we can only be safe with God’s guidance and protection. So I pray that we can all be safe where ever we go.

3. Ministry. I also pray that this year, I can be of help in the ministry more – whether through financial, moral, emotional assistance, etc. We have so many church pastors whom we value and care and we are also praying for their church work. Most of them we don’t get to see very often anymore as they’re assigned to do mission works to far places. My prayer is that God will continue to bless their hard work, sacrifice, and selfless labor of love for the lost souls. And that God will use us to help them in any way possible.

4. Knowledge in Parenting. Nate is growing up really fast and I can honestly say he’s starting to show negative attitude sometimes. I pray that God will continue to give me knowledge in teaching and nurturing him. Parenting is really tough and I am no expert to it at all, but I hope (especially with Dane away), that God will give me the wisdom I need for Nate to grow up as a good and God-fearing person.

5. Plans. I have to be honest, I don’t use a planner at all! haha. I do have a calendar on my phone though and most of the time, that’s what I use for my activities. Well, I’ve tried and was able to use one for a few months, but never in my life was I able to use a planner all throughout the year yet. That’s why I envy those who are very organized with their schedules.

So, I don’t really have everything scheduled for the year yet but there are some fellowships and gatherings that I already look forward to. Some things are still better unplanned for me. lol. I just hope that my 2016 will be productive wherever I go and whatever I do.

6. Blogging. Well, I don’t need to be plastic on this one, I want more blog-related experiences and events this year. I don’t earn much through blogging but honestly, I enjoy every bit of food I taste during free tasting events at a restaurant, I love every little freebies & samples I receive in the mail, I am happy for every prize I win from a giveaway or a contest! I’ve been blogging for more than a year now, and I have to say, I don’t plan on stopping to blog anytime soon! I love this! This is what I want to do, and I’m happy to do this.

Blogging has given me so many wonderful experiences, it takes me to places I’ve never been before, it gives me new friends who can understand and relate to my passion, and it gives me joy every time I accomplish something. So yeah, I pray for more opportunities and happiness in blogging. 🙂

7. Make memories. I am sad that I will not be with Dane throughout this year. 2016 could be very lonely for me but last month, I made a decision to still try to enjoy even if my husband is away. Make memories with Nate, go silly with him in whatever we do, and still make this year memorable and filled with laughter even with my husband away.

These are my prayers as I start the year and I know and believe that God already has the answer to these.

What are your prayers for 2016? Do you have any goals? Share it in the comments below, I’d love to read them. 🙂

10 Replies to “7 Prayers for 2016”

  1. Make memories 🙂 So sweet. Wasnt able to do so with my three older boys. This time though with my four-month Yael, I pray to be with him every step of the way. Also, now that I am a full time mom, I hope I be able to share more memories with my other boys.

  2. What a way to start the year… I admire how focused you are with your goals and how clever it is of you to write down your goals, in a prayer form. You will never go wrong in life if you have this kind of faith and mentality… keep it up sis!

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