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Start the year right with Nutri10 Plus Food Supplement for Kids

Hello everyone! Happy new to all of us! Wow, I’m sure the past few days (or should I say weeks? month? lol) have been very busy for mothers like me. December, as always is expected to be the busiest month of the year. And now that 2016 is fast approaching, let’s begin the year with a blast! Let’s leave all negative thoughts and experiences behind and be ready to face the year with head high. 🙂

Hey, if you think it’s almost 2016 and you still can’t decide what vitamin supplement to give your child, you may want for him/her to try Nutri10 Plus Food Supplement! And if you’re undecided, here’s the reason to consider to give it a try! 😉

1. Nutri10 is packed with Zinc. Zinc is a mineral that is essential to the body and is a constituent of many enzymes that permit chemical reactions to proceed at normal rates. Zinc is involved in the manufacture of protein (protein synthesis) and in cell division.

2. Nutri10 has CGF or Chlorella Growth Factor which is a nucleotide-peptide complex derived from a hot water extract of chlorella. It is made mostly of nucleic acid derivatives. Researchers have discovered that CGF is produced during the intense photosynthesis that enables chlorella to grow so fast. We can’t deny this, most parents want their kids tall because “height is might” (lol). Even though genetic has something to do with our children’s height, there are products like Nutri10 nowadays that can help aid your child’s height.

3. Nutri10 has Lysine which is an amino acid (building block of protein). People use it to make medicine. Lysine is used for preventing and treating cold sores caused by the virus called herpes simplex labialis.

4. Nutri10 helps your child become “magana”. Many parents worry about their kids being picky with food. We don’t want that happening to our kids. Nutri10 is formulated to boost our children’s gana with food. I remember one mom told me, “Lyn, salamat sa vitamins para kay MJ, sana may libre ding bigas! Ang takaw takaw nya na e!” hahahaha. Well, Nutri10 really did great on MJ’s appetite, I should say. She was just kidding, lol. I’m sure we all would rather worry about looking for food for our kids than having kids who don’t have appetite for the food we serve them. 🙂
Nutri10 is super affordable and is available now on major drugstores, run to your nearest pharmacy and ask for it, give it a shot, who knows, this can be the supplement that’s “hiyang” for your kid. 

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