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Playhouse Review: Powerville Fun Rides FUNLAND

Last Saturday, my brother and I suddenly decided to go to SM San Mateo to do just whatever we can think of doing when we get there since it was both our off. We left at around 6:30 PM at home with Nate. When we were already there, I decided to take Nate to his favorite car in the Playhouse we’ve visited last thanksgiving.

When we were there, I decided to get some tokens for us to use. However, while we were playing, I found something else: a huge Funland at the back with so many balls on it that I’m sure Nate will love. So, I decided to go there and register Nate and us. Good thing they allow 2 guardians, I took my brother with me (let’s just talk about the rates later, lol!).

This view attracted me right away! lol!

So far, this place is the widest playhouse Nate and I have ever been. It’s got 4 slides, 1 trampoline, 2 pools (don’t know what it’s called but it looks like a pool filled with balls! Haha) – 1 smaller and one a lot bigger, a make believe room and many more.

Of course, where would I expect Nate to go first other than to the balls? Lol! The moment he stepped on the entrance door, I could see how amazed he was with what he saw! And that alone, makes parents like me very happy already. So, he swam through these balls laughing and giggling enthusiastically! My brother and I stayed sitting down at first until we saw one adult playing with her sister like a little kid so we thought – “ah, pwede pala maglaro! Haha”. So we both lied down and played with Nate. We were so happy too! Haha. Gosh, we never had this when we were kids! haha! It’s so much fun!

The kid by age and kids by heart – all having a great time! 

Before our time was up, we went inside the “make believe world”, it’s got 4 little corners – one was a grocery store, the other one was a hospital bed, a baby nursery and a carpenter’s place. It helps kids who love ‘play pretend’. They can be a nurse, a doctor, a carpenter and a grocery cashier in that room. Many children loves to stay in that room too.

The make believe world (some is feeling like a cashier! haha)

30 minutes was more than enough for us, we were all exhausted after our time was up and Nate was yawning. We ate supper in one of the fastfoods inside the mall and we went home with smiles on our faces and I was happy about that “unplanned” mall visit.

1. Place is huge; it can accommodate a lot of kids

2. Playhouse looks clean and well maintained, it has a personnel who looks after the kids, who’s acting like a lifeguard, he secures safety of the kids.

3. So many things a child can do in this playhouse, no child will envy someone for playing a thing because there are many others they can play with.

1. Rate was a bit pricey for me (since I’m purita! Haha). The rate is at 120 per 30 mins, 70 php per guardian. This is the first playhouse I’ve been that requires guardians to pay. I think that is fine to do that for older children but for those children who really need a guardian like 4 y/o and below maybe, they shouldn’t be requiring a fee for a guardian.


2. The personnel aren’t extending help. When we were already outside, I realized Nate lost his new hat (it’s very important to me because I had it customized for him and Dane). When I asked if they can’t find it, I didn’t get an immediate assistance because I was told they were busy. Then I was later told to go back the next day, they’ll just let me know if they find it. I was thinking that they don’t really care and someone might get the hat first before letting they could, so I went back and told them I’ll find it myself if they let me back in. Thankfully, they let me in, and before I could get inside again, one of the ladies found the hat. So yeah, she could’ve done it earlier and I would really appreciate it, other than have me leave and just come back for it. I did not feel their sincerity to help their customers; they were more focused on their own tasks that they need to get done.

PHOTOS, PHOTOS! (of course! haha)

busy fella
Happy kiddo!
Nate & Tito

balls! woooh! 
trampoline! ♥
“me time” hahaha!

Without thinking about the hat that I lost, I would say we had an awesome time and I’ll definitely go back there with Nate next time. It’s fun to be able to play with him. His laughter is like music to my ears, always! I hope we could go back there again soon. Nate surely had fun!

Dia pa oh! 🙂 Lipay ang bata pero mas lipay ang inahan. Hahaha.
Slides! Hahaha

14 Replies to “Playhouse Review: Powerville Fun Rides FUNLAND”

  1. It is pricey, but I'm sure you had fun as a family. I somehow miss the times when my kids could enjoy such recreation without paying — libre kasi ang ticket if buying from their supermarket. Those were the days…

  2. Playhouses are really pricey, last Sunday we were in SM North Edsa and my husband and son went to playhouse to kill time while waiting for me to finish shopping, he paid P250 for 1 hr of play. 🙁

  3. It's always nice to see a place for kids, especially in malls. I just wish these places would hire friendlier staff, especially if they are going to deal with toddlers!

  4. The playhouse is wonderful and huge, perfect playground for kiddies. I agree with you, I think that guardian fee is not really neccessary especially if you have kids that need guardian inside. I think its should be free kasi your paying na for your kids to enter. But overall, great place and wonderful photos.

  5. That looks like a huge play area indeed. Perhaps a bit pricey and the customer service should improve but at the end of the day, it looks like your family had a blast…and that's what matters most. Keep making good memories together!

  6. Aw mabuti nakita ang hat ni Nate. Para sa akin mahal din sya. Pero yan naman usual rate ng playhouse. Matt always want to go at play house whenever he sees it kaya lang lagi lang naman mabilisan pagpunta namin sa mall.

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