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I am sooooo late in greeting December! It’s always the busiest month of the year! Look, I almost have no post yet! haha! But before this month ends without posting (not sure if I could still post for this month), let me greet you all a very HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

Wow,  who would’ve thought that it’s that time of the year again! I can’t imagine how fast the time zooms! It’s overwhelming and incredible.

I know everybody’s uber busy by now thinking about their gifts, some may have already been done wrapping it, going to parties or to church. It’s a time to be with loved ones and family. But this year is a whole lot different for us now that Dane can’t be with us. My husband works abroad and will have to celebrate the holidays at work with his new-found friends. I hope they’ll still be able to have fun even if they’re away from their loved ones.

December is always “our” month too. It’s the month with the most celebrations for Dane and I. How’s your December so far? Here’s what we did and what we will be doing for the rest of the month.

To Tagum!!! – earlier this month, in December 3rd to be exact, Nate and I flew to be with my family here in Tagum City. Thanks to my job, I can work anywhere as long as I have a stable and reliable internet connection.

Wedding Anniversary ♥
– It was our 3rd year as married couples. We aren’t together but we made sure to greet each other and tell each other of our love. We reminded ourselves that this is just temporary and that someday, we’ll be together again. We told ourselves to stay strong and keep the faith to God and to each other while we are on this journey of being away.

7 yrs & 2 months Haba happy 86 months my love!!! Yesterday was our 7 yrs and 2 months of togetherness. Yes, we still celebrate our monthsary. lol! ♥

Meetings & Reunion Preps – My friends and I are helping each other out in organizing and preparing for our upcoming reunion, it’s been 10 years since we graduated HS. WOW! (and I’m not a tertiary graduate yet?! why o why?! haha!). Tomorrow, we’ll try to visit some of our classmates and invite them to join our reunion so more can attend. I really hope for the success of this reunion and I hope our mentors can come and attend. I think it’d be cool and fun to meet my old friends again.

Church Thanksgiving Day – On December 20th, our church will have its annual thanksgiving day. Sadly, we will not be there to celebrate but I’m sure it’s going to be a day of praises, thanksgiving, fun and worship to God.

Hubby’s birthday!
My labidabs will turn 20 something on Dec 23rd! And again, will be celebrating it far away from us. But it’s fine, para sa ekonomiya! pak! titiisin ang lungkot! hahaha!

Church Year End celebration – On Dec 25th, the church where we worship now will have its annual year end celebration. Yes, it’s the best time to honor God on the day others most commonly know as Christmas. 🙂

HS reunionthis is going to be our first, so I am so excited for this! lol! I’m excited to see my mentors, my classmates and my old friends. Gosh, it’s too difficult to organize a reunion because everyone have their own life and jobs already, each one has different schedule and off pa. It’s so much different in HS. Pag nagkayayaan dati, cutting class lang, gora na! haha. But now, can’t do that anymore. Sigh! HS life. lol!

Mah birthday! ♥ – wow, I’m going to be another year older again! hahaha! I’ll turn 27 on Dec. 28th. Wow… I’m getting older! lol!

Back to Manila!!! – the night of my birthday, Nate and I will be back to Manila. Bye to Tagum for now and see you again. ♥

New Year’s Eve – thankfully, my boss gave me an off for New Year’s eve this year! I can celebrate New Year with Nate. It would’ve been so much happier with Dane around too but it’s OK, bawi nalang pag uwi nya.

Too many events, so many things to do, so little time and budget! bwahahaha! how’s your December so far? I bet you’re as busy as me!

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