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Miles Apart on our Wedding Anniversary

Today is the first of the upcoming 2 anniversaries we will celebrate apart. Today, Dane and I celebrates our 3rd anniversary. Woooot! Thank you Lord! I am so happy that I have him as my husband. He’s God’s perfect partner prepared for me.

Happy 3rd wedding anniversary to my dearest spouse. I love you ’til my last breath. May God keep you and bless you while you’re away. We love you always. 

From miles away,

Wifey and Nate

Today, nothing special happened but we greeted each other and we know that even if we’re miles apart, nothing has changed – that we both love and cherish each other.

My only wish is that we’ll continue to stay strong and focused on our goals while we’re away and that God will bless us while we work apart. Also, that I will be a good mother and example to my son while I temporarily raise him alone.

Since we’re away, the internet has been our main source of communication. And no matter how busy he was, the he didn’t miss greeting me.

Thank you Lord for sustaining and keeping us.Three years is not easy, but we know You’re in control.happy 3rd year my…
Posted by Daniel Matugas on Friday, 11 December 2015

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