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Yesterday, Dec. 28th, I celebrated my 27th birthday and I can’t thank God enough for all the blessings I received from Him! I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who greeted me yesterday! Thanks for remembering (doesn’t matter if FB reminded you, lol!). Yesterday was one of the busiest birthday I had.

1. Seranade
I was awakened early by the Bautista Church brethren who serenaded me. Thanks to my uncles, auntie, cousins and pastors for their lovely voices! You call it traditional but I really appreciated that! My wish to hear our pastor, Ptr Mario Indino preach again was granted on my birthday! And I thank him for reminding that I am bought with a price – not by silver or gold, but by the precious blood of Jesus.

2. Beaching with Family 🙂
My plan to be with family on my birthday was also realized (although with Beb missing as she’s left here in San Mateo because she’s schooling), we had a short trip to the beach again, and you know who the happiest fella was – NATE! haha.

My family is the greatest birthday gift I receive every time I celebrate my birthday ♥

3. Free Ride to the airport
Thanks so much to “the Indinos” who spent time to send me to the airport, I really appreciate it. But the truth is, I just went with them for convenience since they’re going to Davao anyway! haha. These folks are a family to us for so many years already.

4. Safe travel home
I’ve already mentioned that we’re in Tagum for about 3 weeks to spend time with family. Nate and I are finally back home and I am so thankful for the safe travel that we had. We arrived early at around 3 AM today. Ang lamig na dito sa San Mateo pag gabi! brrrr!

5. Greetings from friends and churchmates
To my Golden Shower Church ⛪who sent their greetings, thanks! This church will always have a special place in Dane and I’s heart!

5. My ultimate birthday wish
This birthday would’ve been a lot different if Dane was with us. But it’s OK, bawi nalang kami pag uwi. Dami naming birthdays na namiss at mamimiss pa. My wish to be able to teleport to Riyadh for an hour or two to celebrate our birthdays didn’t come true! Hahaha.

I thank everyone who really made my day extra special! Some posts on FB are really great, I loved them. It’s amazing to know that there are always people who will love and care for you no matter what!

I don’t know why but I’m starting to forget my age! Hahahaha

“…Godliness with contentment is our great gain.”

Thank you Lord!

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