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Zinc Deficiency & The Nutri10 Plus 2nd Week Update

Zinc is a mineral that is essential to the body and is a constituent of many enzymes that permit chemical reactions to proceed at normal rates. Zinc is involved in the manufacture of protein (protein synthesis) and in cell division. (Source:

Zinc is known to:
– Boost Libido
– Help with Acne
– Help with Eczema
– Help treat Anorexia Nervosa
– Help with Adolescence Growth
– Heal Wounds
– Boost immune system
– Maintain senses of taste and smell
– Protect membrane cells against free radicals
– Regulate blood Glucose
– Support neorological function
– Support Normal Groth during pregnancy
– support your healthy immune system
– is necessary to synthesize DNA
– is essential for wound healing.
– supports the healthy growth and development of the body during adolescence, childhood and pregnancy. (Source:

Zinc is an important chemical essential for human functioning. Zinc nutrition deficiency is insufficient availability of zinc in the diet or can be caused due to the malabsorption of zinc by the body. This condition is prevalent in young children, pregnant women, breast feeding mothers, and the elderly. Zinc plays a vital role in many aspects of the immune system.  (Source:

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Zinc deficiency is caused by inadequate intake or absorption, increased zinc excretion, or increased bodily need for zinc. Zinc deficiency symptoms include growth and development problems, hair loss, diarrhea, impotence, eye and skin conditions, and loss of appetite. (Source:

Zinc is also said to boost fertility in men. Men with low sperm counts and low sperm motility are advised to take Zinc enriched foods to help their sperms and boost their chances of conceiving.

If you think you or your child (or someone else in the family has Zinc deficiency, Zinc is rich in the following foods:
– Oysters
– Chicken
– Cheddar Cheese
– Cashews
– Watermelon Seed
– Almonds
– Milk
– Red Meat
– Yogurt
– Pumpkin Seed
– Salmon
-Cacao/Dark Chocolate
– Lamb
– Eggs
– Brazil Nuts
– Beef
– Spinach
– Sesame Seeds
– Oats
– Crimini Mushrooms
– Maple Syrup
– Pumpkin Seeds
– Asparagus
– Pecans
– Coconut
– Sunflower Seeds
– Macadamia Nuts
– Poppy Seeds
– Pine Nuts
And a lot more….

Zinc can also be found in Nutri10 Plus food supplement so you can be rest assured that your child will have enough Zinc that his body needs for growth.

Now to my Nutri10 Plus Food Supplement Update, here’s the update from the moms of the kids I gave the supplements to try. So far, most of them like the supplement and many of them have a good feedback to tell. 🙂

MJ’s moms said her son’s suuuuper active and would ask for food every time! hahaha! True to its words, Nutri10 really helped MJ become “aktibo’t magana”. MJ’s son let’s him take the supplement at night before going to bed. MJ is a kind of kid that doesn’t really like vitamins but his mom’s forcing him to take them. Not that he likes the taste of it, but he doesn’t hate it either! The only challenge MJ’s mom is facing right now is that due to hyperactivity, MJ would most often not sleep during afternoon naps.

Joash’s mom says so far, Nutri10 has done so many good results on her son, and I can see that too! I saw him get bigger, specially his cheeks! cute!!! She said Joash became more “antukin”, more “magana” and she doesn’t have problem giving the supplement to him because he likes its ponkan taste.

Jezrel likes Nutri10 too and same with Joash, she eats and sleeps more often now. She doesn’t have any problem giving Nutri10 to Jezrel as well because the flavor works great on Jezrel.

RV, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to show any good result so far but I think it’s too early to tell too. And at his age, being super active, we may not be able to tell the difference right away. RV’s mom said he’s not into eating and sleeping a lot, so we’ll see what happens on our 4th month update. 🙂

Thanks for you time! See you in 2 weeks for these kids’ update. :)))

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