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#TeamPakyas No More! Our Timberland Heights Adventure

      Some of you may have read about my previous post about me and my family calling ourselves #TEAMPAKYAS because we have not successfully went to timberland heights during the national heroes day. That day, I promised I would come back and visit the place again… Guess what, we finally made it! Wooohhh! I’m so happy we did! We did it early Monday morning on October 26th, the day after the blogapalooza and left the house at around 5:30 am.

Our view from the top. 🙂

      I was so happy that Nate was being cooperative. I did not expect to join them because if Nate is asleep, there’s no way for me to leave. I’m super happy he was fine and dandy that day. I covered him with hat, pajama and jacket readied to leave. It was a very challenging walk ( shout out to my brother who carried Nate on his back while going up, it wasn’t that hard for me). We had Nate’s bike ready in case we get too tired carrying him.

After walking for about 1.5 hours, were finally on top! Wooohh! We enjoyed the view, had a quick break on one of the stores and headed home. What else do you expect next?! Of course, we were all exhausted and sleeping by the time we got home! Lol!
I am so happy we finally made it!
Here’s the view we enjoyed.


All geared up and ready to hike!
Nate loves that ride! 
We don’t look alike, do we? haha!
Congratulations! lol!
Unico Hijo
When you’re tired and hungry, rest and grab some bread! lol!
Where’s Nate? lol
“Hello there goat!!!”
Nate no care!
Siblings. Don’t guess who’s the eldest! lol!
Mama and Nate
We met a baby goat along the way and Nate wants to take him home! lol. That made us stay for 5 minutes on the road. 
Our view. ♥ 
Nate is in loooove with excavators!

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  1. Glad to hear you accomplished one of your family goals. I'd like to start completing some of mine as well like hiking with my husband. Next time na yung buong family pag laki ng kids. ~Pearliza Paguio

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