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Playhouse Review: Action Station Ever Gotesco

This is a late post first of all! 🙂 This post has been bugging me for months and months already and I don’t know why I just can’t publish this review! lol!

But I’m doing this now, yes I am, and after this I can peacefully take it off my mind! haha.

Our first visit to Action station was back in June – it was after our god daughter’s birthday party in McDonald’s Commonwealth branch. My friend, Melisa (of Seafarer’s wife diaries), together with her sister, Charity and I decided e should take our kids to a play house. Good thing we found this one – gave our tots an all-out fun and it helped us relax too!

1. This place isn’t so huge but it’s not small either. For me it’s just perfect! There are many activities that our tots can do.

2. There’s a small place that looks like a pool filled with balls here. It’s like heaven for Nate! He’s super obsessed with balls, we have lots of them at home (blame it to Dane, he instilled it to him at an early age! lol!).

3. There’s a slide that’s big enough for adults to use! Oh, I love slides (plus, never been to playhouses when I was young) and there’s nothing compared to being able to enjoy a slide with your little child! It’s pure fun! 🙂

4. There’s  a small obstacle place for the tots that looks cute! I like it.

5. The playhouse looks clean and organized.

1. Unfriendly attendants. Well, not really the “Ms. Minchin” type but I personally think that most attendants at playhouses are friendly and they always try to make a conversation with their customers (or at least smile) – just like the attendants I met in the SM San Mateo Playhouse. The attendants here are just so quiet, I could not even see a single smile! haha.

I think that is what I can anly say, other than the attendants, I have no problem with it at all! It’s a good place, it’s clean (I hope it’s sanitized! lol) and it’s huge enough for Nate to play safely and for me to lie down while my son is having fun – thanks to their puzzle mats, I can literally just lie down anywhere!


Somebody’s having fun! 
And that somebody decided to take a snack!
And that somebody is afraid to go through these obstacle thingy!
And somebody’s mom is happier than him! lol!
Somebody’s mom is too big to cross this bridge! haha. 
Somebody with his childhood buddy are going back and forth this little bridge for the nth time!
And somebody’s really enjoying it!
And can’t deny that his mom was also having fun!
Somebody loves this area too!
Especially when playing with mama
And some other kids.

Melisa, me and Charity
I love lying down here!
When you see your kids enjoying and you’re able to rest! wow, that’s life! haha!

The rate starts at Php 80 for 30 mins.
(I’m not sure how much an hour or an unli-pass costs anymore).

Action Station is located at:
3rd floor EverComm (Ever Gotesco Commonwealth)
Right across the Tom’s World entrance

I like to take Nate to playhouses – new environment with new stuff he can play with.

Do you take your kids to playhouses? How was your experience? Our if you have no kids yet, are you planning on doing that in the future?

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