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On Friday, my friend and I were happy to be a part of Eats a Date (again). Eats-a-date is an OpenRice PH event where bloggers/foodies visit a resto/café and know more about it through the owners.  We had a chance to visit Metro Manila’s first photography-themed café named Caffera (Cafe + Camera, hence, Caffera) which is just located about 20 mins away from where we live!

What’s interesting is that I didn’t even know this Café before! So I had to look it up on Google and from there, I found their Facebook Page . Just by looking at it, I know I’ll be in one of the coolest, most unique place I’ll ever be (and I was right!). After spending a few hours at their café and talking to the owners, I say there are at least 5 things to love about Caffera that will make you want to visit their place. 🙂

1. The small yet welcomy place
Caffera has a small place that can prolly accomodate around 20-30 people. You’re sure can drop here or some quite time when you need to! And yes, of course, the addicting coffee aroma is already there ready before you even open the door!
camera lens mug

Have a break, take a seat, read a book! 🙂
This corner looks like a stage for me, I want a mic and guitar here so I can start singing! lol! (but no, I might just disturb other customers who came here to have peace of mind!
2. The cute & unique photography theme
I don’t go to cafés very often, in fact, I can just count the cafés that I’ve been so far. But this place, I’m telling you, is awesome! When I went here, I think of one person – Norbie Joy, she’s like a sister to me who is so good at taking pictures! This place is for photo hobbyists, pros, and wanna-bes. When you step inside this place, you’ll immediately get the feel the good photography vibe!
The owners decided to make it this way not only for uniqueness but also to raise more awareness on photography. Nowadays, with smartphones and devices reigning over, cameras aren’t commonly chosen for daily use anymore so they want. Their original target were photographers and photo hobbyist. However, they have noticed that they did not only attract photographers but also students and families, so they widened their scope.
Photographers who have visited their place are encouraged to submit their photos that they can add on their displays/exhibit.
Caffera is a place where you can sit, sip your favorite coffee or cold drink while reading your book, doing your assignments, thinking about anything, doodling, writing your journal, blogging, or simply waiting for your friend who’s supper late on your date! lol. Even if this place is near a highway, you can still think straight here! I don’t know why but it could be because of how they set up their interior designs! It’s pretty cool. Sometimes, I find myself in awe of how they put every details together!
3. The tasty treats!
I have to first say that it’s been about 5 or 6 years since I stopped drinking coffee. It was because I was told it stops dysmenorrhea. Not that it’s not allowed, but I just am not used to drinking coffee anymore and would prefer milk. With that being said, I’d like to say I’m not a coffee expert here but I judge based on what I tasted. 🙂 And I’m glad I got to sip a good quality coffee after I stopped for years! I mean, I won’t really want to break my “self-rule” a bit over a cup of some coffee sachets sold at the store! lol! 
Here’s a few of the many desserts/drinks they offer:
Choco Mint (Php 135) – made with dark chocolate and their own special mint. This tastes good, I love chocolate drinks so this is a plus for me! 🙂
3 cheese panini (Php 100) is composed of three different kinds of cheese, one of them is cream cheese, it’s so yummy specially with the chips! Plus, you can’t deny that the price is really affordable. 
Sutro Caramel Macchiato (Php 100) – made with caramel, they wanted it to be like latte with caramel. They want their customers to drink it smooth but can still taste the bitter and sweet taste altogether. Since I’m not into coffee, this tastes super strong for me

Sierra Mocha (Php 100) – chocolate & coffee with a much foamier texture. If I go back there and order coffee, I’ll surely order this again.  
Tiramisu Frapperture (Php 135) – coffee based drink. This is another tasty cold drink you can choose. 

Oreo Cheesecake (Php 120) – Nate and I both loooove this cheesecake! Its sweet taste is just enough for me
Red Velvet Cupcake (Php 70) – I bought this for Nate and he loves it! But he didn’t eat that cute camera! lol! 
Camera Shot Glass Cookies (Php 110)
Camera Chocolate Cake (Php 220)
cakes!!! ♥
Customers can ask to either increase or decrease caffeine & coffee level, whichever they like. Just let them know, it’s their goal to make their customers satisfied! 🙂
4. The owners’ inspiring story
“Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity”
This quote is so true on the owners’ lives, it just fits them so much! They started in college and there were 4 of them originally (2 ladies, 2 gents). Caffera is one of those fancy ideas in thesis which turned into a wonderful reality. 
Before they decided to turn into a group, all 4 of them have the same passion of having a coffee shop one day. Gab, who was one of the owners decided to take Barista courses and Latte art during summer to to realize the plan. Being responsible individuals themselves, they raised the amount to put up Caffera using their own savings accounts and some they were able to raise by selling anything they thought they could sell! Wow, young people should really learn from these guys, I am so impressed by them! 
Photo displays
Before defense, they’ve already been told by some of their friends, classmates and profs that they could not see the connection between coffee and photography. But that did not stop them from pushing the idea.  
They did their very best ’til their defense until their concept got approved! And they didn’t stop there! They really realized it! Amazing fellows. Don’t ask me about their age ‘coz their still in their early 20’s right now! Imagine that! At 21 or 23, they already have their own business. And here I am, 26 years old, and an employee! hahaha! 
Camera lens as light? Why not!
Caffera officially started in September 2014. Happy anniversary guys! Keep up the good work! 
5. The accessible location. 
Caffera is just a few minutes away from Philcoa. Plus, it’s pretty easy to locate, most tricycle drivers use their address as landmark! If you’re commuting, just ride a tricycle and tell them the address and they’ll drop you right in front of the building! 
Caffera also do booths for weddings, birthdays and any occasions. Shoot them a message for their package deals to know more about their pricing. 
And a bonus to all these? Their prices are a lot more affordable! Check these out: 
They open daily from 10AM – 12mn. 
2/F Doña Zenona Suites, 
54 Maginhawa St. Cor. Mahusay, UP Village, 
Quezon City, PH
For inquiries, you can contact: 
Mobile#: 0927 891 3815 or 0917 626 4016
Instagram: @caffera_ph
Facebook: Caffera

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  1. I love the concept, love the place. Really good prices, too. Actually, I think more people are into photography nowadays than before. With the wide range of DSLR cameras available, everyone gets more interested, though owning a camera doesn't necessarily makes you a good photographer, still, more people got into this hobby because of the availability of digital cameras. But, as always, the old school is always fascinating, I love the vintage cameras they have on display.

  2. I love how photography related stuffs are incorporated in this cafe like the cups, lights and photos. Just heard of this concept from your posts and its nice.

    1. Hello, Sonia. Sakay ka lang to either SM North or Q-Ave. Then sakay ng jeep to Philcoa. From Philcoa, sabihan mo nalang trike driver sa address ng Cafe. 🙂

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