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Last November 12th (also Dane & I’s 35th wedding monthsary), I had the chance to visit the most homey restaurant I’ve ever visited so far, it’s Lola’s Cafe + Bar. I came there with Jennie of Raising Hunter and Melisa of Seafarer’s Wife Diaries.

Although we arrived there late (due to traffic and we honestly don’t know the place, lol!), we were given the same friendly treatment as the others. πŸ™‚

First I have to tell you this place is amazing, it is quiet and peaceful, a perfect place for you to just sit, think, reminisce or have some quality time with someone. I think it’s the best place for that but that’s not limited to just that. It’s a perfect place for meetings and business transactions as well.

Lola’s Cafe + Bar is a renovated house so you really get that homey feel the moment step on their door! Let me show you how amazing their interior design is, it’s awesome! Without the chairs & the tables, you wouldn’t think it’s a restaurant, how cool is that?!

From right, clockwise: The stairs to the 2nd floor with walls filled with wonderful frames and posts, wall frames on the 2nd floor with plants to add that natural, organic feel, interior design on a little room on the 2nd floor, makes you not want to leave anymore! lol! 
Top photos are the places on the 2nd floor and lower photo’s a view from 2nd floor down. 
Who wouldn’t love this place anyway? 

Ok, now that we’re done with the nice part, let’s move on the the yummy part, shall we? lol! I have to tell you the foods they serve are all delish! They’ve converted “lutong bahay” recipes into extraordinary, organic foods. You’ll taste a lutong bahay with an awesome twist! I have to say, I can stay there all day, eat their food, rest, eat again, sleep and eat again! hahaha! They have so many yummy recipes in store, it makes me want to go back there already. But I don’t want to go back there alone, I want to take Dane with me. I’ll take him there when we he comes home.

Bagoong Rice with Roasted Pork Belly – this I love the taste of this dish, topped with fresh alugbati, the feels took me back to my childhood days, loved alugbati ever since!
Fresh Prawns with Crab Fat & Chili Garlic Sauce – I love this one (I love them all actually! lol!)

Beef Salpicao – the beef was tender and juicy it’s perfect for our hungry tummies!
Tinola Rice with Confit of QTR Chicken – This rice was cooked using the soup of Tinola (I don’t even know that’s possible! lol) and the taste is perfect with the chicken meat and veggies on top

I have to be honest, I forgot what it’s called! lol! But this doesn’t mean it’s not yummy, I wanted more of this! It’s an organic squid (small ones) with ferns and other veggies. 

Pistachio Pavlova Grapes – These are kids’ fave Nate consumed this and I can’t blame him, it’s so tasty!
Rio Mocktail, Grapefruit Mint leaves Juice – I needed a liter more of this! lol! 

With Open Rice team + restaurant owners
And with our tag-along little foodie bloggers. πŸ™‚

I know I should’ve checked for their prices, sorry I don’t have them all, it’s a lot challenging going with a toddler but I hope this price list I found online will help give you an estimate of their prices. πŸ™‚

My overall experience with Lola’s Cafe + Bar is an A+, I’ll definitely recommend this restaurant! It’s peaceful, it’s welcoming, it’s cozy and it offers variety of food we grew up with but with a cool twist your taste buds will surely love! And most of all, hindi nakakaluwa ang presyo! haha.

Lola’s Cafe + Bar is located at:
99, Sct. Lozano St,
Quezon City

Visit them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/LoLa-CafeBar-285948114823212/?fref=ts

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