BLOGAPALOOZA 2015 – My first and certainly not my last

It’s the time of the year again! Blogapalooza is the biggest business to blogger event in the Philippines and I’m happy to say that I was only of the bloggers who got approved /accepted to join this event. It was my very first so every time I think about it, I would grin!

October 17, 2015 – Since I am still breastfeeding Nate, I really can’t stay long in the event but I had a good 2-hr stay. My family was very supportive during this time – they agreed to take care of Nate while I was away. They stayed in MOA to babysit Nate since it’s the nearest mall from the venue (One Esplanade).

I have to first say it was a great experience but I wasn’t what I really expected. Here’s my take on Blogapalooza 2015.

This year’s Blogapalooza was held in One Esplanade at J.W. Diokno Blvd, Pasay, Metro Manila. What’s good about it is that it’s the the SM City Mall of Asia and I had a nice walkathon experience going there! lol!

One problem with the venue is that since it’s completely covered, our mobile internet connections were really slow. There was a wifi, yes, but in a place where about 500 bloggers connect, I don’t event think one will be able to open FB using that wifi! hahaha!

Maybe a more open space is better especially with company booths requiring us to like their pages or post photos. Most of the contests and games require one to go online.

The event stage

It’s pretty easy when you start registering. All you have to do is to find your name, get your name and off you go.

But the twist is this – when you get inside the event, honestly, for a first time attendee, I completely had no idea what to do and where to go first. I was like, “oh they have bags, I should get that too”, or “gosh there are so many people waiting in line everywhere, what are those lines for?”, or “these people in the booth asked me if I already registered – yeah, I already did, in the registration booth outside, what do registration do I need to do ba?”

Bambu booth

I was so confused, I decided to just watch what other bloggers do, and I slowly learned on my own! lol! That was a bit of a challenge for me. Haha!

There are lots of booths in there, you won’t really know where to start if you’re a first time attendee but I was able to visit a few booths and these are what I can recall:

A. Cebu Pacific – I just dropped by their area but didn’t stay long. Of course we know CebuPac is one of the established airlines here in the Philippines.

B. Food Panda – is a convenient online food ordering site, that connects people with the best restaurants around them. I went to their both both I was required to download their app so I had to leave. My phone has a very low memory, it won’t download at that time.

C. Flawless – addresses a number of skin and body concerns with the use of advanced, dermatologically-sound and innovative medical aesthetics. I was able to join their games and have my photo taken in their booth. Unfortunately, I didn’t win.

D. Sorso Fruit tea – comes with variety of flavors. I was able to try one of their iced tea. It tasted good. They also offered free caricature and photobooth. I was able to have my photo taken but the line in the caricature was extremely long, I couldn’t wait.

E. Amada’s Leche Flan and Desserts – They offer sweets that will satisfy your sweet tooth! I got to try their leche flan and it was delectable!

F. Victoria Court 

G. ACE Hotel and Suites – is a four star Hotel that houses Ace Water Spa (Hydrotherapy Spa) located in Pasig City. I was given some freebies, discount cards, brochures, mugs.

H. UNICEF – as we know works for children’s health and education, and protecting their rights. They have a new campaign that helps babies during their first ‘1,000 Days of Life’, as that is the most crucial age for a child.

I. Emporia Philippines – is the latest digital platform that features a variety of online brands, and offer convenience and security in cyberspace shopping.

J. HotelSogo

K. The Diff PH – offers customized casing for your phone! It’s super nice and cool!

L. Feel Good Lactium – is a food supplement made of milk protein hydrolysate that reduces stress. I was able to take their stress test and I was told my stress test result is MEDIUM, which means I am able to manage my stress (kahit papano), yaaay!!!

M. Chips Delight! – of course manufactures one of the yummiest cookies in the Philippines! 🙂

All I can say is I got lots of brochures and pens! hahaha! And 1 mug from Ace (thanks! there’s a mug)! Oh and tons of discount cards, btw. Thanks!

I think the only free taste that really stuck in my head was the leche flan – no I have not tasted the lechon or the food in the food truck. I guess they all disappeared when I was there. I was there at around 3:00 – 5:00 PM.

participants all busy during the event

Kamikazee was there (and another band, I believe) to represent JB Music. I was there during the photo opp with Kamikazee but the line was amazingly long! I couldn’t wait in line because I will loose all of my time just waiting in there. I heard Maxene Magalona was also there for Flawless but I didn’t see her either. I only saw Sam Oh speaking on stage with the speakers. And wait, was Bogart the explorer in that Food Panda costume? hahaha! I have no idea!

Sam Oh during the Blogapalooza 2015

I’m sorry but I don’t know their names. I was able to “overhear” (take note, I say overhear because I was busy going from one booth to another), some tips from these speakers about blogging. What’s even more interesting is that only few people were sitting down there listening (no, I’m not one of them, but I stayed to listen for about 10 minutes, hehe). There’s just too many things happening at the same time and there was a videoke in one corner. haha.

No, I’m not being nega – I just want to be honest when what I say and experienced. I think the event wasn’t that organized. Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy to be there, I even met some bloggers I only knew online before. It was a cool and awesome experience, it’s was just not what I expected.

But again, still I am happy and honored to be able to join. Thanks to my very supportive husband, Dane, who allowed me to join this event and let me leave Nate for a short while with family. Thanks also to the organizers and the entire Blogapalooza team for making this event a very successful one. Keep it up, you guys! I will keep this experience with me and I look forward for more Blogapalooza moments!

29 Replies to “BLOGAPALOOZA 2015 – My first and certainly not my last”

  1. It's always nice to go to blogging events but it's a challenge when you don't know what to do. I wish they had people to guide you and teach you what you can do inside the event so you wouldn't be that confused. I'm glad that despite everything you still had fun.

  2. It was also my first time last month, I did not stay long because most of the booths just ask for calling card or ask you to register. I like the leche flan and lechon. 🙂

  3. I was not able to come but I heard it wasn't as good as the last event they had. Welp, that's really how events are..you learn and make the next one better than the previous.

    Thanks for the honest review 🙂

  4. I skipped this year's Blogapalooza and I have a bit of the same sentiments. I feel that going there they should have people you can really connect with handling the brands and not someone who's just there to give you a pen or flyers. Hopefully next year they try a different tactic.

  5. I was able to attend last year but not this year. It always coincides with my FIL's birthday kasi. Hehe. From my experience last year, medyo ganun din, you're left on your own to visit the booths, grab loots, and leave cards.

  6. It was my first too but I tagged along with senior bloggers that made it easier for me :). According to the oldtimers, what made this year's event different is that the booths are more active at mas magimmick. Hope to see you next year!

  7. Blogging in the Philippines has come a long way. I'm still hoping though for nore quality-oriented blogs and not just mere postings. I know how tough it is to be attending an event with breasts full of milk. You didn't bring along breast pump? 🙂 Cris Ruffolo of Reading Ruffolos (www.readingruffolos.com)

  8. i wasn't able to go this year but I heard my friends' stories about it. I was there last year and would most likely sign up next year if only to spend time with my blogger friends. 🙂

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