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A prayer for a dear brother

Today, my brother, my one and only brother, the coolest, most amazing of all (because there’s no one but him, lol!) turned 22. And I’ve said it so many times, I will say this again, time really flies!!!

Before, we were just little kids, fighting, running, doing crazy things together and get beaten by our father at the same time! lol! Now, he’s grown up to be a good man and I am happy for him. I am proud to say he’s very independent, very reliable, fun to be with, and most of all, doesn’t drink or smoke! I am very thankful for what he’s become :).

Prayer for a brother dear

Dear Jong, 
You heard me pray for it already, I will say this again. I pray that God will give you the wisdom you need in every decision you’re going to make. Making choices is tough and there are so many things we have to consider so always ask for God’s wisdom in doing so. Pray for your future partner – that you will meet her in God’s own special time and that she will be a woman of God that you will meet along the way while you’re busy doing God’s ministry. Thank you for always knowing how to make me smile when you see me frown – you’re one of a kind! And please, don’t get too addicted to Clash of Clans! haha! I love you!

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