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Teething Beads: Teething Jewelry for Moms

Teething is one of the very challenging times that our children have to face. We even see teething as on of the possible causes of our children losing weight.

Each child is different and so the experience varies from one child to another. However, most of the common challenges that mothers & children face together during teething are the following:

1. Lack of appetite which is sometimes caused by pain. Most of the time, it’s due to their swollen gums  that’s causing our children to lose their appetite on whatever food we offer them, or it’s the pain itself, that even though they want to eat, they just can’t. Poor little kids. Teething can be really painful to some children.

2. Diarrhea. Most doctors agree that teething isn’t the real cause of why the children are having diarrhea but the things that they out in their mouths to soothe their gums. These make them come into contact with more viruses and germs.

3. Irritability/Fussiness. Many kids also experience while they are teething.

4. Drooling. Drooling is also a very common result of teething along with gum swelling and sensitivity.

5. Sleep Problems. Although Nate hasn’t really experience this (thank God!), there are some children who have problems because of teething which could still be because of swollen gums.

6. Fever. Many parents also say that their children experience fever while teething.

And these are just among the many possible results of teething. Just imagine your child having to go through each of these – it’s heart breaking, specially the fact that there’s not much that you can do. Our children will really have to go through this. 
Some children, on the other hand, fortunately get through teething with no problems at all. That’s very good for them!  Although Nate is always not very fussy and all when teething, I always notice that he’s into the happen of biting anything when teething. 
Many moms find help through teethers and or oral teething gels during this phase. I remember putting Nate’s teether on the fridge before to help sooth his swollen gums. 
Just a few days ago, I received a wonderful product called the teething beads jewelry. Which came just at the right time since Nate’s 6th tooth is about to show up. Going outside with teethers sometimes be a hassle. These teething beads offer a solution in the form of fashionable adult jewelry  that can easily be matched with any wardrobe for mothers to wear but for babies to chew during the teething phase. 
I had Nate try it, he didn’t like it at first (and completely ignored it! Lol!) but later on, he couldn’t resist biting it! I have tried biting it too, and I have to say: “NAKAKAADIK SYA KAGATING! Hahaha! NAKAKAGIGIL!”. 
The teething beads are made of 100% silicone beads, offering firm but soft beads for our teething baby to chew on. 
The silicone, which are similar to pacifiers and contain no PVC, phthalates, BPA, lead, cadmium or metals while all our jewelry contains to detachable parts. 
The bracelets:
The teething beads bracelets are a useful and colourful reminder for which side we have just nursed. 
The necklaces: 
The necklaces are designed to be worn by mommies for baby to easily pull and bite whenever they like to. These necklaces have clasps designed with added safety to help that the necklace wont break when our children tug them. What’s good about these is that they can also be cleaned with water and are also sterilizer safe. 
I love the necklace that I god and I bet Nate likes is too. I recommend this product for mothers to try!
For more information about the teething beads, you may contact: 
Margie Lirazan @ 0917-8012-0525
Maylee De Guzman @ 0917-551-0422
You may also visit them on Facebook @ facebook.com/teethingbeads
NOTE: The products are supposed to be worn by moms, at the time I was taking pictures, Nate was busy biting it and I haven’t had a photo taken with me wearing it! lol!

Disclaimer: These products are sent to me at no cost to try and provide my honest review. All opinions are of my own, based on my experience with the product and is not influenced by anyone else.

23 Replies to “Teething Beads: Teething Jewelry for Moms”

  1. It's been a long time since my kids had their teething days. If I remember correctly, some of them used teethers also, but some of them didn't seem to have teething blues. Toddlers indeed grow differently.

  2. I haven't tried this one but I saw a kind of this before. That time, my son had all his teeth na. But in the future will try this one too. I just fear choking may happen.

  3. I think this teething jewelry is a good idea, but I only have one concern. Since the mom is wearing it, won't it be easily exposed to dust and dirt? But then again as long as it's washed well first before the kid starts biting it, I guess it ok.

  4. So far naman, I really tried to break it, didn't work. At di pa na choke si Nate, thankfully. I think they won't try to swallow it kasi yung beads mismo kasi yung masarap kagatin. Pero I can't really tell, iba iba ang mga kids natin. 🙂

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