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Cool Kitchen Items for Grabs!

I would like to say a little disclaimer about this post; I am not, in any way great in the kitchen. Well, I am, yes, a little ashamed to say that, but, yes, again, I am not! Hahaha! But, there’s something I am great at – eating! LOL!

But when you become a mother (yes, I was a wife before I became a mother and still not great at cooking, I’m sorry love!), you have to ‘at least’ be able to learn some basic cooking skills right? Ok, I don’t mean I don’t know how to cook ‘at all’ (I know how to fry, to cook adobo, etc – I’m just afraid that others will not like what I cook). So I am hoping to learn a few more recipes for my son (and wish me luck on this! Haha!).

Anyway, great in cooking or not, when you become a mother and a housewife, the kitchen, even if you avoid it, will always be part of your life already. Dane has a great cooking skills (so maybe that’s why we were meant for each other, haha), and we are dreaming of a good kitchen place. Who isn’t anyway, just imagine a cool kitchen complete with all the different kinds of ‘cooker’ (I really called them cooker but I meant ovens! Haha!) and utensils you need to cook whatever you like to cook. Of course, this is incomplete without a huge refrigerator complete with all different kinds of ingredients you will need (Wake me up, I’m already dreaming!)

Here’s what I wanna share: I came across a website I’ve never visited before, and I am in loooove with their products! Here’s the direct link: 

Did you check it out? They sell really cool kitchen items! Which only cost about $1.10 up to $7! Isn’t that cool? Here are my faves which adding to my wishlist: 
Banana Cutter (saves time!) 
Cute Silicone Fishbone Style Ice Mold (omg, the kids will love this). 
And here’s another Silicone Sugar-coated Ice Mold. 
Aren’t they cute? These are just 3 of the many available there. Check their website,, you might like it as much as I did! 🙂

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  1. Ang cute ng ice mold! I'm into online shopping, but sadly, I won't place orders from international seller anymore, due to ridiculous taxes imposed.

  2. Those are cute stuff. Meron din pala silang mga ganito. I've seen a Sammydress ad on my FB newsfeed once, mga clothes, and there were hundreds of bad reviews, the package didn't arrive at all and people couldn't get a refund, the package took ages to arrive, the clothes don't look the way they look online, bad quality, etc. etc. Good thing you didn't have trouble with your orders.

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