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Blogger Tips: How to keep your blogging activities organized

How to Keep Your Blogging Activities Organized

Howdy?! I just finished my blog activities today. As much as possible, I’d like to join daily blogging activities such as commex and ABH (your blog don’t just grow on its own right, you have to promote it! lol).

I’ve joined a few online blogging communities and they all help me know more about blogging and any blog related news and events. Most of these communities have daily activities to help bloggers grow in viewers and in knowledge in blogging.

Through these also, they help bloggers know their co-bloggers. The often you visit a blog, the more you know about the blogger. I have known many bloggers just by visiting their sites but didn’t really get to see them personally yet. I know many are like me!

Blogging is cool and amazing in its own ways!

However, when you join so many activities, you may miss some of the blogging activities if you don’t carefully track them. These activities require each blogger to reciprocate (of course, that would be unfair if we don’t right?), that’s the rule of thumb.

Keep Your Blogging Activities Organized by Using a Tracker

A few times I missed reciprocating and I was tagged for not doing so, so as much as possible I don’t want those to happen anymore. So I came up with a simple solution so I don’t miss anything, here’s my BLOG ACTIVITY TRACKER!!!

In this tracker, I keep all the links of the blog activities that I participate so I don’t miss reciprocating any of them anymore. If you think this will help you, you might want to try this out too.

How to Keep Your Blogging Activities Organized?

1. Get the permalink (I didn’t know how to do this before until I started participating in blogging activities! lol. The permalink of any post on Facebook is hidden under its time stamp. So to get the permalink of any post, click on its timestamp reading “x hours ago”, “x seconds ago”, “a few minutes ago” etc. depending on the time passed since that post has been posted. As soon as, you click on the time stamp of a post, you will get to a new page containing only that post. At this point, you can copy your required permalink from the address bar of your browser.

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2. Post the permalink in your excel file.

3. Write what type of activity it is and the expected end date of the activity.

4. Mark DONE, only when you’re done completing the activity. 🙂

I hope this simple tip helps other bloggers. What do you do to make sure you don’t miss any blogging activities you join?

30 Replies to “Blogger Tips: How to keep your blogging activities organized”

  1. This is really helpful tip Sis, although, I don't use this platform to track my blogging activities, surely consider this in the future. I scheduled my Commex exchange every Wednesday or Thursday, then followed by Blogpost. I have a calendar on hand always write my schedule for the week. Thanks for the tips Sis.:)

  2. I normally write down my blog activities on my planner. But I really like the suggestion you have here of taking note of the URL. Makes it a whole lot easier to find it!

  3. I don't have have a tracker because I only join few activities just to make sure that I can reciprocate on time. But this is really a nice suggestion for those busy bloggers, track those activities that you join so you won't be tagged. Pag busy at nastress, nakakalimot talaga.

  4. I also make use of excel files and google drive! It's so much easier to keep tack of anything and everything that needs to be done.

  5. Good tips sis. At first, I need to have a reminder on my blog activities. Then later on, it became a routine already That's why I know when and where to start and be back. It's really confusing pag maraming group activities so I just limit na lang what groups and activities I participate everyday.

  6. I had the same experience. My schedule is a mess up right now because of the wedding. I would like to copy your way too. I should learn first how to use Google drive.

  7. OMG, I so need this! I'm so bad at organizing my blogger duties. I end up scrolling on FB for hours with an unfinished post in my drafts and the next thing I know, it's already morning. Haizt.

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