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  Yesterday, October 28, MBP was invited by active fun for a spooktacular event held in active fun, Fairview terraces. It was an afternoon filled with fun, games and magic show.

Were glad to be able to be with some other moms, not just the mommy bloggers, who were very supportive and were there to cheer their kids all throughout.

Dancing mascots! 🙂

There were lots of attendees at that event! Clearly the place wasn’t enough  to accommodate all of us but I’m glad most didn’t bother! Lol. Maybe we were too enjoy with the host’s show. Although I wasn’t sure if they were expecting that great number of participant’s. well, I hope they were so they could’ve prepared a bigger place held the event. It was just too crowded and hot, I was standing while carrying Nate for almost half of the program.

The kids came with a very nice costumes-well, I can say its safe to say they were really prepared! Lol!. We were late, unfortunately, so our kids weren’t part of the costume contest anymore. It doesn’t matter, we still enjoyed it though!

Costume contest winners

The event was very successful and everyone went home with smiles on their faces. The kids were allowed to play inside the “active fun” play room but since it was already 6pm at that time,we’ve decided not to avail of it anymore because I still needed to go home and take a sleep since I work at 9pm (WAHMY Duties! Lol!)

Active fun Fairview terraces is located at the Lower Ground floor of Ayala Fairview Terraces

Nate enjoying a ride with a stiff Zebra after the event! lol!

with Mommy bloggers (sorry this is the clearest that I got! lol)


  1. I've always wanted to try attending an Active Fun Halloween event but haven't been able to. It's good that your family was still able to enjoy it even if you arrived late. 🙂

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