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5 Things that made the MBP event in Skyranch Special

On October 17 (which happens to be Dane and I’s 7th anniversary too), we h,ad the chance to gather with other mommy bloggers in the beautiful Sky Ranch in Tagaytay. It was fun and amazing. It was my 2nd MBP event with the (Vitacubes Funday in Ortigas my first) and my friend, Melisa’s (of seafarers’ wife diaries) first.

Here the things that I love about this event that made it super special for me:

1. The company. I am glad that we were able to take our friend, Melody during this event even if she’s not a mommy blogger. Melissa and Melody have been friends for decades already. When I came in the picture and more spice on their crazy lives! Lol! We were so excited about this and I’m very happy I was able to take this two to an event related to the things that I love to do-blogging.

Melisa (Seafarer’s Wife Diaries), Melody and Me. Image source: Yeah! Shoot Photobooth

2. The gathering. It’s wonderful to see moms like me who I know can relate to what I do. Some moms have their family complete (which made me wish Dane was here), but I’m still glad that Nate and I were able to join. Some of the moms I’ve already met before, some I only knew online. And its cool because you don’t  ask for their names first- You ask for their blog names first! Because that’s how you know them in the first place! Lol!

3. The Program. The event was hosted by Mr. Poch Albiso and I can say he did well. I don’t know why but he really reminds me of  “Mitoy” from the voice PH! Hahaha! There were games for kids and families, plus, I can’t forget the fun when Lani, joy1 and joy2  acted for us.! Lol!

Mommy Joy1, Mommy Joy2 & Mommy Lanie – showcasing their talent skills! 🙂
Photo grabbed from Mommy Lanie of Tweensel Mom
Mr. Pooch Albiso, the event host, and his puppet
Photo grabbed from Mommy Lanie of Tweensel Mom

4. The place. This year’s event was helped in the beautiful Sky Ranch In Tagaytay. It was Nate and I’s 1st time there and the place has amazed both of us! It was cozy and nice, a perfect place for family fun indeed. There are a lot of things you can do in Sky Ranch and I wish we could go back there when Dane comes home.

5. The Rides. Although it was raining at that time were glad to still be able to enjoy some of the rides. Although there’s one we promised well never ride again. It was the bus that does nothing but go up and down. It made us super dizzy after and I got a little headache. Nate and ZD were too pity when they were, they didn’t like it either. I felt so sorry for Nate to experience and I actually feel bad about it—because it was me that made him experience it. Other than that the rest were great- the train, the Ferris wheel, the carousel  except for the fact that you have to wait in line for a very long time. Lol!

Nate enjoying his carousel ride. Image source: Melisa of Seafarer’s wife diaries

Our overall experience was awesome. I’m glad to see mommy bloggers- most I met for the first time. The place was cool and perfect to remember  Dane and I’s 7 years of relationship together. If there’s just one more thing I wish I was on that event- it would be Dane. When there are places Nate and I go to and he’s not there- I feel sad and really wish that he could just teleport and be there with us. Lol.

Nate and ZD before the event started. Image source: Melody Decena
Nate on his costume. Image source: Melody Decena
Registration Table. Image source: Melisa of Seafarer’s wife diaries
Children enjoying their games
Nate and ZD just got stamped! lol. Image source: Melisa of Seafarer’s wife diaries
ZD and baby Charley of Charley’s Mommy
With Mommy Lanie, the MBP Head, and the woman behind Tweensel Mom
Thanks to all the sponsors of mommy bloggers PH that made this event a success. Shout out to the following:


And of course, Thanks to Joy, Lanie and Louisa together with the entire program committee. Event, I wish to attend more MBP events in the future. It’s always great to meet more blogger in the future.

More power to Mommy Bloggers PH!!! Photo opp with the moms and their kids. Photo grabbed from Mommy Lanie of Tweensel Mom

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  1. we missed the MBP Halloween event this year, my little man would've enjoyed playing with the other kids + giving all the cool rides a go. Oh well, I hope I can join the next MVP event.

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