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1st Blogversary: The Joy of Sharing your thoughts

Wow, who would’ve thought that I’d make it to a year of consistently blogging? I didn’t, but I did! haha! Yaaay! So for that I am super duper grateful! I know this is not an achievement to some, but it is for me. I can proudly say I worked hard to maintain this blog for a year, doing that outside work hours, and doing it because it’s what I love and I want to do. Every accomplishment here is part of my effort to give a good impression to my readers (or, do I really even have readers? haha!). 

Before I move on with all my sentiments, I’d like to share this:

Yes, you see that right. I was blogging since 2011 (so what are you making “pabebe” about an anniversary when you’ve had this blog for 4 years?). Well, As you can see, the numbers of posts per year, you know that back in the days, I would only blog when I “feel” like it. Compared to 2015 where I posted 113 (and counting) blogs already! woooh! And not only that, read my first post in 2011:

Well guess what, me, you can never tell! haha! Now, you’ve opened yourself to judgment and prejudice and you’ve open up to people after 4 years! lol! And I liked that! Every comment that come on my notification is something I really value and care. I just can’t express how grateful I am for all this 12 wonderful months that I have with my blog.

Special shoutout to Sis Maye of Momaye’s Diary who was the very first blogger I “know” (she didn’t know I knew her already for quite a long time. lol. And became my access to my very first blog community, the BC Bloggers. And to Mommy Bloggers Philippines for approving my request and welcoming me to their community – MBP is my very first Mommy blogger community.

So ladies and gents, may I present, the highlights of my blog for the past 12 months.

1. Bought a domain. This I didn’t know I would do! haha! Pero thanks to Sis Maye (again) for encouraging me to buy a domain, I finally got one in August this year. And for the first time, I felt so good to see my domain without “blogspot” on it, haha. It’s a lot shorter now (but still long tho, lol!).

2. Ranking. I love to see my rank go up little by little. I don’t know, it just makes me proud! hahaha! My Alexa Rank started at Zero and slowly went to 10M. Now, this is what I have. It’s not that great yet but it is compared to my previous 10M rank! lol!

Last year’s rank:

Alexa Rank: 10M
Alexa Rank (Philippines): 10K
Current Alexa Rank. ♥

3. Sponsored Posts. I have a very few sponsored posts so far but at this time, they’re good enough para makabawi sa domain ko. hahaha. This blog does not generate a huge income, I don’t really blog for money, I blog because I love to. But it’s a lot better to blog and earn extra, right? hahaha! I’d be hypocrite if I say I don’t want that! lol!

I also had some writing gig which lasted for about 3 months last summer I believe. And to me, it’s an achievement! That really went just in time when we needed extra cash. Thank you Lord!

4. Virtual Friends. Thanks to the wonderful and amazing world of blogosphere, I was able to connect to people everywhere and made friends with them. And I am fortunate to be able to meet some of them already! And of course, looking forward for more blogger friends, virtual and turn non-virtual! lol!

Ana of My World Mommy Ana and Christeena of A WAHM writes
Lanie of Tweensel Mom
Cassey and her mommy Jennie of Raising Hunter during the VitaCubes fun day
Sorry supper blurred! lol!

MBP Community. Photo credits to Tweensel Mom

4. Blog Stats. My Stats slowly increased as I became more active to blogging. Again, it’s not as many as the other bloggers, but it is to me already! hahaha.

Total Page View: 3,000
Facebook Page Likes: 100
Instagram Followers: 190


Total Page View: 43, 638
Facebook Page Likes: 270
Pageviews. ♥
Well, almost half of it were my replies. haha! But this one’s not counting comments coming from FB as well.

5. Events. Because Nate was still little and there were some events that required no children, I was able to attend to a few events but I’m happy to still be able to participate. And I look forward for more events!

6. Freebies. Tell me who doesn’t love freebies and I’ll tell you “weeeeh, di ngaaa?!!!”. Freebies, no matter how small they are, means so much to me. And so I would like to take this time to shout out to all companies that sent their freebies in. Most of them were sent for product reviews and most of them I got through Mommy Bloggers Philippines. Hold on for a sec, I will name them all! hahaha!

Peerless Lion Corp is the manufacturer of Hanna Shampoo/conditioners, Champion detergent bars/powders/dishwashing liquids/FabCons, Systema toothpastes and toothbrush
A. Organic Baby Wipes
B. Nutri10 Plus Food Supplement
C. CDR-King
D. Ajinomoto
E. Amino Fres-C
F. Rebisco Vita Cubes
G. Zoomanity
H. Jardine Distribution
I. Teething Beads
J. Peerless Lion Corp

To end this drama… THANK YOU!!!! Thanks to all my blog communities, to my husband Dane for his never ending support, he shares my posts all the time (I love you!). Thanks for all the things that I learned (and will continue to learn) in blogging. This is something important for me, I love doing this and will continue to write my thoughts online.

When you open up online, you are more prone to criticisms and judgments, but who cares? I love what I do and I will not stop doing it! Thank you Lord for this opportunity!

28 Replies to “1st Blogversary: The Joy of Sharing your thoughts”

  1. Congrats and Happy Blogversary! I agree that it is really hard to maintain a blog so I'm still happy that I can still post in my blog kahit di na kasing dalas ng dati. 🙂

  2. Wow congrats Nilyn. I don't have a domain yet. Sayang kasi yung pangbayad since barya lang kinikita ng blog ko. I've been in hiatus for 2 months and then my traffic dropped >_< I'm not sure if I've experienced a ranking like that before, though napapansin ko my rank differs every day or week.

  3. Nice of you in maintaining your precious blog and it took 4 years in blogosphere. Hope it'll continue and fruitful for the coming years. Unluckily, until now, I used blogspot for my blogs and planning to have new domain for my 3 bblogs first. Congratzz!

  4. Ang galing naman!!! 😀 Over a hundred posts in 2015! As you saw over on my blog, isa pa lang ang post ko…hehehe. Ikaw ang peg ko for 2016! CONGRATULATIONS!!! 😀

  5. Happy Anniversary! Blogging is really fun especially when you get to meet your blogger friends. I look forward to Blogapalooza every year coz this is the only time I go to Manila and meet the mommies from MBP. Cheers to more blogging years!

  6. Happy anniversary! i am new to blogging and I hope I could maintain in years hehehe. So far im enjoying it. I also ask hubby to share my posts everytime I have a new one hehehe. Buti nalang supportive mga hubby natin 🙂

  7. Happy birthday to your blog, sis! Ganyan na ganyan din ang pakiramdam ko noong nag-one year old ako sa blogosphere! Ang saya di ba? I also love MBP, as in!!! Hindi lang ako active na masyado now dahil busy-busyhan ako pero sobrang love ko talaga yang group na yan. 🙂 My blog turned 3 years old last November 9 pero feeling ko newbie pa din ako! Hahaha! 🙂

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