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#Team Pakyas on National Heroes Day

On Monday, 8/31/2015, people were happy to have an extended rest on a Monday because of the PH national holiday – the National Heroes Day. I still have work since my clients’s from the US but I don’t work ’til 9PM MLA time so it still feels like I have a Monday holiday too, lol!

So I have my brother and sister stay longer at home for the holiday (they’re both boarding and only go home during off), Angela, who’s Nate’s ninang, also went home for the holiday rest, I also invited Melisa of Seafarer’s Wife Diaries and her toddler ZD to sleep over – there were many of us at home on Sunday evening! haha.

We are the #TeamPakyas! 
We all agreed to go and visit Timberland heights the next morning at around 6am, all was set, especially the alarm clock. However, we were tempted to watch Aamir Khan’s 2014 movie entitled “PK”. I’m glad I watched it, Aamir Khan always have amazing movies, they never fail me. If you haven’t watch it yet, check the trailer, you might like it. It’s about an alien who went to Earth and learned about many things, but most especially, in the end, it teaches about the importance of God in our lives and the effect of some religious practices to people. This may be a sensitive topic to some but to me, it’s very enlightening. Here’s the trailer, sorry it doesn’t have subtitle! lol.

And of course, because Indian movies take about 2-3 hours to complete, we ended up sleeping at around 1am! Haha, 4.5 more hours to sleep to be able to hike to Timberland heights. 
To make the story short, I turned of the alarm when it rang at 5:15 AM, slept again, and woke up at 7:00 AM. Haha! Can’t make it to Timberland heights anymore, but God gave us a good weather, we decided to still pursue going to Timberland. We had a nice time hiking, the place was good and as we went along, we started to be amazed at the wonderful scenery that we saw, didn’t realize we’re going up the entire time.

This was the farthest we could go, we gave up! lol!
However, since it’s already around 10:30 when we left, even though the sun wasn’t out, it still felt very hot at hindi pa kami nangalahati, nagsimula na kaming sumuko! haha. The toddlers were sweating and look sleepy, we were tired, napigtas ang tsinelas ko so Dane had to let me use one of his slippers and he had to walk half barefooted. We gave up, that was not a good time to continue when others are already going down. Yung makikita mong, andami ng pababa, ikaw paakyat pa lang?! haha. Maybe next time, we can try going there again, mas maaga, mas maganda.

pardon my selfie! 

This is why we called ourselves #TEAMPAKYAS. “Pakyas” is a bisaya word which means fail/failure/unsuccessful. Nevertheless, we still had fun and we had a great time. When time comes that we’ll be able to make it to the top of Timberland heights, I’ll blog about it again. Lol. 

We stopped by Columbary of Divine Mercy Shrine (at first time ko makakita ng libingan ng mga nakacrimate)
I’ll visit you soon! 🙂
retreat! retreat! lol!

Did you have any unsuccessful plans before? How did it feel? 
How did you celebrate last Monday’s holiday?

btw, this is Timberland heights, credits to inquirer.net

30 Replies to “#Team Pakyas on National Heroes Day”

  1. We just stayed home, waited for my father and chatted online with our brother who is in Canada. It's good to have a holiday, the kids just rested at home. But I had to do some work in the afternoon for an Australian client.

  2. I spotted Aamir Khan here. He's my favorite actor in Hindi movie, 3 Idiots. I like so much on how he portrayed his role in such successful Indian movie, 3 Idiots. I would love viewing again over and over again.

  3. It was great that you manage to go to the highlands in the end to see and admire the scenery. I too had the experience of plans not turning out quite as well as we wanted it but the alternative we had weren't that bad anyway.

  4. I really should have made the most out of my vacation last long weekend but since I am so saving all my money right now up to the last peso, I stayed at home and just did some movie marathon. Great thing you were able to explore the highlands.

  5. I can't remember the last time na napigtasan ako ng slippers, haha. But I can remember how hard it was to get to my destination and find a replacement for it. What more if walang mabilihan along the way. Glad you still had fun.

  6. I saw that movie and I LOVEEEE IT! Another lesson he learned was LYING. Such a true movie. LOL But that's not the point, I liked how you continue your adventure though napakyas mo. heheh 🙂

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