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Playhouse Review: Kids@Play SM San Mateo

Nate just recently turned 1 year and four months. I know, where did time go?

So since it was a Saturday, and it was my off, and Dane was busy with his practice at the church, and I want Nate and I to go home first, we left him and went to SM San Mateo! Lol.

I’ve been wanting to visit this place since I found this because I can see from the outside that they have lots of balls, I was sure, the first time I saw it, that Nate will love it!

Here’s what they have in store for the kids: 
These are the different rooms inside their stations: They had a grocery store, a clinic (filled with scary dolls, lol!), a bakeshop and a salon.
True enough, Nate LOOOOVED the slides with all the balls in it, he never left it!
Nate and the kind attendant giving him the ball
It feels like we own the place! He’s the only one roaming around! lol!
The slides and the small clinic

1. Depending on the hours that you go, you’ll feel like your child is a VIP if you go there after peak hours. Since we were there at around 9pm, mukhang pinakyaw talaga namin ang buong lugar!!!

2. The place – the place looks clean and well maintained. Compared to other playhouses, this one is a lot smaller. The staff make sure to arrange them right away.

3. The staff – staff were very accommodating! Two of them were bisaya so I felt really confident talking to them in the vernacular.

4. The toys – they have little carts are small toys, most of them applicable for 3+ toddlers. There are some smaller ones so kids like Nate really needs to be guarded to avoid choking.

5. The theme – the playhouse portrays small village with a clinic, salon, grocery store, bakeshop and gas station. I like how they show children what a society is and what they can expect in a typical city.

1. Small – One of the staff told me that during peak hours, there are times na sobrang dami ng mga bata sa loob. We were fortunate that we didn’t go there on a peak hour, or Nate would not have any place when the older kids play. I think the place can only properly accommodate about 20 kids max, together.

2. The computer station – There’s a little corner with 2 monitors in the playhouse, not really against it but when I take my child to a playhouse, I wanted for him to be more “physical” so I think the computer games can just be a distraction to them. It’s just nice to see kids running all over the place! 🙂

Php 90 for 30 mins, make sure to “always” bring socks for you and your kiddo, or pay additional Php20 for a pair of socks. 🙂

Kids @ Play SM San Mateo branch is located at the 3rd fl of SM San Mateo, Rizal

For play queries & party reservations, you may call the following:
Kids@Play SM Marikina Branch – Tel. No. 514.65.61
Kids@PLay SM Novaliches Branch – Tel. No. 514.72.94
Kids@Play Lucky China Town Mall Branch – Tel.No. 514.66.75
Kids@Play SM San Mateo – Tel. No. 245.41.12

image source: Rodeo Star Facebook Page
What’s your favorite play place for your kiddo? Let me know in the comments below. 🙂

6 Replies to “Playhouse Review: Kids@Play SM San Mateo”

  1. I think it's okay if it's small as long as they control the number of kids (and moms) going in. It will be hard for them to spot if it's clean or if any of the children needs help if there are too many kids playing at the same time.
    Also, I think playhouses should also disclose how they clean their toys and how often. Super OC? haha

  2. I love those little play villages they have in the malls! When my son was younger I used to take him to onw in ATC. Nakaka OC lang minsan. Really need to wash the kiddo's hands and face well afterwards.

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