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Nobody woke me up when September ended! (September 2015 at a glance)

Wow, September was a very busy time for me! I even missed a few blog activities and I missed doing them. And yes, nobody woke me up when September ended! lol!

Well, not only because I was awake when September ended (because of my job), but also because my alarm clock (my husband) left to work abroad in on September 27th. Here are a few of the things that kept us busy in September, the weren’t events but ang daming punta-rito, punta-don na nangyari.

1. Papers and documents.
Dane was one busy guy the entire September! He was busy preparing all the documents that he needed for work. He attended Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS), went back and forth to the agency so many times! That was a preparation for me and Nate also, an experience of a day without him before he left for KSA.

2. Meet ups!
Before Dane left, we made sure he has a good phone to take with him. Communication is very important so we needed to assure that his phone is good at handang sumabak sa laban. We bought an Asus Zenfone (64 GB) online via olx.ph and it was incredible! It was a good phone, very reliable and we got it at a very reasonable price.

brunch with the Valencias 🙂

We also met with our friends and had a quick lunch in SM Marikina, so we could have a short chit chat about life and everything under the sun! lol.

Our family friend, Sarah, also went and slept over one weekend and we had a great time chatting. 🙂

3. Dates, dates & dates!
Well, not the typical dates where you dine at an amazing resto, have dinner with candlelight, no, not at all! hahaha! When you know your partner is leaving, you just want to make sure you spend more time and make great memories before he leaves.

So whenever it’s my day off, we go out, just anywhere and spend time together. Or just buy the things that he needed abroad, with Nate, of course (can’t leave, nope! lol!).

4. Buy this, buy that (Dane’s stuff)!
I prepared Dane’s stuff before he left, well, that’s of course, my job, I’m the wife, right? haha! So we had a list of the things he needed to buy: powerbank, headset, new belt, medicines, a roaming number and other personal things that he may need. I’m glad we have all them complete before he left.

5. Photo sessions
Of course, why would I not do this when my husband doesn’t come home ’til about a year or 2? So I made sure we had a family portrait before he left.

6. New haircut
I finally (after a few decades) had my hair chopped (and treated)! hahaha! Ok, I know I may sound OA to some but, since I got pregnant I didn’t have any chemical put on my hair. My hair looked so dry, tangled and frizzy but I didn’t care. I just don’t want it. Until I finally decided to have it cut at least before Dane left to work abroad. And I did and had a completely new look.

thanks love! 🙂

7. Fellowship
We also had a fellowship at the church. It was composed or wives and moms, it was great, we had a great time over some games, food, and word of God.

8. See you again, love!
On Sunday, Sept 27th, Dane left at around 12nn via PAL to Riyadh, KSA to work. It wasn’t easy but I’m glad I didn’t cry a bucketful of tears! I know God will watch over us and will keep both of us safe until we meet again.

That’s us, at the airport, before Dane left (bawal emo! lol!)

How did your September go? I’d like to hear from you! Ending my post with Green Day’s Wake me up when September ends. Enjoy!

26 Replies to “Nobody woke me up when September ended! (September 2015 at a glance)”

  1. My September went by super fast also and I actually haven't thought about where it went yet. Haha. Wow, what a tough ordeal to be separated from your hubby for a long time. Take care, mommy! 🙂

  2. My gosh, I had a busy September too. But October is turning out to be busier. Sad naman that your hubby had to leave but I'm sure he's thinking of you and your family always. 🙂

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