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LDR, Day 3 of 730

I have mentioned this once before: Dane went abroad to work for 2 straight years. When I thought about it before, I’d feel really sad and lonely. But now, I’m able to start adjusting and not think about it that much.

Last Sunday, September 27th, Dane left for Riyadh, KSA at around 12nn. It was a bit sad but we didn’t really cry on the airport. We’re able to manage our emotions! lol!

Nate didn’t care, he didn’t know what was even going on, and there was even a time that he’d throw tantrums because we woke him up veeeery early! So he didn’t even kiss Dane properly, never said goodbye, never gave his papa a hug! haha.

My post before he left. ♥

The first night was “nakakapanibago” for me. When I think about it, I get teary eyed. But I’m very thankful that I have a very good support group here at home. I have my mother and brother-in-law living with me. My brother and sister are also here to visit during their off, so it’s not that sad.

And this was his last post. 

I’m thankful that Dane arrived there safe, and that day marked our first day of the veeery long distance relationship (LDR). We still have many days & months away but as long as there’s internet and we can chat everyday, there’s no problem for me.

Dane missed Nate so much and when I think of it, I feel really sad too. For now, we just have to stay strong and just think of the positive instead of the negative side of things. I’m glad he’s connected online everyday. That’s all that I wanted. I don’t think I can stand a day without reading a single PM from him! lol!

Our greatest strength is God. I know that he will keep us safe even if we’re away. And that we’ll remain true to each other and be faithful. This is not just for us, this is for Nate and his future.

“May the LORD watch between you and me when we are absent one from the other.”
Genesis 31:49

27 Replies to “LDR, Day 3 of 730”

  1. It's certainly not easy to be in a long distant relationship. I too am in your shoes. HB has been away for a year and will be still working abroad for the next few years in the near future. so we too communicate through various online means to keep in touch besides flying from one country to another.

  2. Don't worry. Hindi mo namamalayan, naka-two years na. Time flies so fast.
    I know how he missed you and your son. Buti ngayon there are different means to communicate. Skype, viber, FB pero iba pa din kapag personal talaga.

  3. Aww, two years is sooo long for me kaya di talaga ko pwede sa LDR. So far, two weeks is the longest business trip of my husband and sobrang hirap na ko. Waah two week na kami lang ng anak ko sa bahay. Nice to hear that you have your mom and BIL with you.

  4. I admire the two of you for being so strong about this. I'm not sure if I can stand being away from a loved one for two years.

  5. This is hard, but it's nice to have a family support. Look at the bright side na lang, in our generation, we are so lucky that we already have internet access so we can communicate with our loved ones any time. Prayer na lang sis. God bless. 🙂

  6. I thought 9 months is too long for me, pero nong sinabi mo na two years nagkaroon ako agad ng buhay, I told to myself "Si Nilyn nga 2 years ako pa kaya na 9 mos lang" hahaha. pero kayo laging may comunication, kami? kumusta naman?

  7. Thank you! Sometimes, maybe we just can't say we can't do it 'til it's already there. I couldn't imagine him being away for that long either but now that it's really happening, we have no choice but to remain faithful to each other. 😀

  8. I am really amazed with people who are able to go through LDRs. Di ko yata yan kakayanin. Kaya, yes, saludo ako sayo sis. 🙂

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