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Funny “PEN” moments

Pens, no matter how small they are – we all agree that they’re very essential. It’s like our unseen buddy at school! Haha! Funny how we need them so much but we don’t really realize it! They’re part of our lives since the day we entered school. How can we even imagine life without pens? Lol! I’m being OA right now but it’s true! Haha. You won’t agree? Let me show you how great a pen has become part a part of your life:
If pens can talk, this is what they’ll say: “I’ve been with you everywhere you go!”
1. “I once became your mighty jet toy!” (Please tell me I’m not the only one doing this!)

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2. “You used me as your boredom killer. I can still see how funny your angry face looks when you couldn’t do it!” 
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3. “I once became a proof that you’ve grown up and ‘matured'”
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4. “I made you feel like real mechanic, feeling like a repairman of some sort”. 
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5. I can still remember how mad you were when I teleport to a different dimension. Yeah, that happened so many times! 
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6. “I was with you when you first wrote a love letter, when you signed your contract at your first job, when you left your work, when you married, everywhere!”
7. “Without me, you die!”
8. “Don’t underestimate me, I’ve already saved the world!”

Hahaha! See? So we should love, take care and never lose our pens! lol! It’s wonderful how pens evolve from a very simple ball point pen into a gel, mechanical, sign and twist pens! How cool is that?! My bag isn’t complete without a pen! What’s nice about them is that they also conquered the online world! haha.

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  1. I can relate! The nerdy me is laughing out loud right now 🙂
    The cheapest pen back then was PANDA (I think) and mom didn't spoil us as kids so I had to redecorate my pens with feathers, sequins, and anuthing I can find to make my pens look posh. 🙂

  2. Hahahah! relate much… pag naiinis ako noon sa teacher ko e ddrawing ko lang ang mukha nya tapos ipakita sa katabi ko. Till now pens really works hahahah sa lahat ng ka emohan, kagalitan, kasiyahan, at

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