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6 Years, 11 months together

Today marks Dane & I’s 83rd month together. We started our relationship since we were teenagers. Now, we’re already at our mid-20s.
I feel so old!!! lol!
This is us when we started (forgive the caption and my amazing bangs!)
This is us almost 7 years after. Me and my Bae Aldane! lol!
Well, truth is I’m a little sad because we may not even be able to celebrate our 7th year together.
Dane is set to leave by this month to work abroad.
Yes, so I finally said it here.
I’m sad, I’m worried, but I know God is in control.
This is not just for us, but for Nate most specially.
So HAPPY MONTHSARY MY ALDANE! hihi! I know you’ll read this so I’ll make sure to say the magic word: 

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  1. Congratulations, almost seven years in a relationship and still going strong is admirable esp now a days that most relationships never last too long. Keep it up and be happy. 🙂

  2. May God bless you more with many years together. Just keep the faith and everything will be okay. I know it will be hard having a long distance relationship but God will keep you both strong. Good luck to your husband.

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