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I finally bought a Domain

Well, I know I should’ve done this since day 1 of promoting my site, but I didn’t because I didn’t realize it was important.

Back in 2011 when I started blogging, it was just for personal reasons and I didn’t really have any readers – well, I don’t know if I already have readers now, lol, but now, I have more communities and I share my blog post often.

Thanks to sis Maye of Momaye.com for encouraging me to buy a domain, yesterday, I finally did. And I’m just too excited not to share this here! haha.

Cheers for more blogging fun for me! Compared to when I started, blogging has now become my source of information on some events, promotions and news. And honestly, I don’t feel like stopping anytime soon! 🙂

I’m happy for the very little improvements I am getting as I continue to learn more about blogging. Being able to finally buy a domain seems like an achievement for me and I’m so happy that I don’t see the “blogspot” on my URL anymore! lol.

I am a work in progress. ♥

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  1. Congratulations on your new domain! I've had the same feeling when I purchased my domain. The thing is, I just couldn't keep one, so I'm good without having a domain. haha

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