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I started blogging in 2011 but didn’t seriously blogged ’til October last year. And when I say seriously blogged, I mean actively posting article posts on my blog, actively participating in different blogger communities, etc.

Compared before, I now blog at least once or twice a week. It’s funny because I never thought that I would ever blog this often. So, I hope for more blogging years for me. 🙂

Since I started blogging last year, I notice that blogging has made many changes in my life. Here are some of the funny ones, and I hope I’m not the only one doing this, lol!


Some bloggers use digital cameras, some use their smartphones and we all can agree that camera is very important in blogging. In fact, now, I always make sure I have a camera to handy in almost everywhere I go, hahaha! “Kalimutan na ang lahat, wag lang ang camera!!!”Although, I am certainly not limiting this to bloggers alone because many selfie people are doing this too. Camera is just very essential that when you think of going out, you think about a camera first!

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When going to a resto, or a playhouse, or any business establishment, there’s a sudden feel of being a detective or investigator, whatsoever, lol! You observe everything from the ceiling, to the floor, to your spoon, fork and plate, to how the staff treat you (from the guard, to the cashier, to the server! haha). Well, you can’t take that away from  a blogger, it’s just that sometimes, I find myself busy staring all over the place! lol.

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Well, I don’t know if everyone would agree but there’s this idea that’s just sitting on my mind for weeks or even months that’s still not published on my blog. Raise your hands if you’re with me!!! It could be a product review, a thought about something, a restaurant review or anything that’s just sitting there waiting for you to write it down (dude, when are you ever gonna publish me? haha).

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When blogging has become an addiction, I think it’s an addiction in a very nice way! It’s a funny and wonderful feeling knowing that wherever you go now, you are more determined to remember the details of it, capture wonderful moments so you can share it on your blog later on. While busy doing something, there’s that light bulb that suddenly pops up your head saying “oh, you should be blogging this!”. And I think it’s good because we’re more into documenting our life events in order to read, enjoy and look back in the future.

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I really learned so many things because of blogging that it has become a part of my life. Before, I thought blogging was about bragging what you have – but I was completely wrong! It’s about sharing your experiences for others who might need it one day. Blogging is about creating a wonderful community or virtual friends showing support on each others’ blogs – helping each other up and not tearing each other down.

So, what did I miss? 
What is blogging to you? 
I’d like to know about your blogging-related experiences. 🙂


  1. The many perks of blogging. I can relate on some and like you, I could say that blogging has indeed change my world and my life's perspective. I begin to see the world up and beyond. Apart from earning from my blogs, I really enjoy meeting a lot of genuine good friends.

  2. Perfect on all points Nilyn! Kaya nga now, I'm looking for a new phone with a good camera para always ready. Sometimes din, my friends would ask, "Di ka pa ba magte-take ng pictures for your blog?" Blogging IS a lifestyle!

  3. True! I sometimes act as a media person and ask every detail so I can share it to my readers.
    I'm inlove with my blog, it serves as my diary of happy memories!

  4. True! I sometimes act as a media person and ask every detail so I can share it to my readers.
    I'm inlove with my blog, it serves as my diary of happy memories!

  5. I couldn't agree with you more, sis. I found new set of people because of blogging. They are like my virtual friends. Updated sa buhay-buhay pero hindi pag nagkikita in person. Ang saya lang.

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