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ProdReview: White Dove Baby Wash and Baby Shampoo by Personal Collection

     Mothers like us want to have the best yet safe and affordable products for our little ones. Last April, my cousin gave Nate a set of White Dove Baby Wash and Baby Shampoo from Personal Collection both at 200ml. When I received them, I immediately opened them. I was surprised with how they smell – they smell really refreshing and cool. 
About the products:
     White Dove baby wash is made with ph-balanced formulation enriched with natural milk protein extract used to cleanse baby’s skin for a fresh, soft, and healthy skin. Its gentle and mild tear free formula doesn’t irritate baby’s eyes and skin. The product is designed with a mild, fresh and clean powdery scent.
     White Dove baby shampoo contains a mild and gentle formulation that cleanses baby’s hair and scalp leaving it soft and healthy looking. This product is also gentle on baby’s eyes with its no-tears formula.
About Personal Collection:
     Personal Collection is a very established company already. It’s established even before I was born, I guess! I remember when I was a kid, my mother was a dealer of its products before. It looks like PC has more products now and continues to make more for its customers. Dati, ang alam ko lang na products nila is yung TUFF cleanser, now they already have Fabcons, detergent powders and even baby products.
What I can say:
     The previous product that I use for Nate was good, I never thought of switching to a different product so I actually even waited for it to get consumed before I tried these two.
     After the first try, I can definitely say that these are better products. The scent, especially on the shampoo lasted on Nate’s hair. With Nate being hairy and easily gets sweat, he needs products like these. The long lasting scent the shampoo gives is the best feature I love about it (lagi ko inaamoy ang buhok nya sa sobrang bango! Haha).
      The baby wash also smells good pero I don’t think it can last that long, nevertheless, for me, it’s still a good baby wash. After every bath, I can say that Nate’s skin is really refreshed.
     Overall, these products are great and I’ll sure buy more of these when they’re consumed. The only problem is they’re not readily available at the local stores which is why I didn’t think of trying these before, gusto ko sana, mabili na lahat sa isang puntahan lang sa grocery store. With PC (Personal Collection) products, I think you’d still have to go find a direct seller in order to get them. I hope I can easily buy them next time. This is the nay part for me kasi it’s quite difficult to get their products if you don’t know a dealer. I hope I’d know a dealer soon ‘coz I really love the scent. What I’m using right now, since ubos na ang mga ‘to is a different brand and I can really see the difference (or smell the difference I should say).
    I’d be happy to recommend these products to other moms, it’s a great product for me. And the scent – the scent is what I can boast! Lol!
Where to buy:
      Like I said, these products are believe aren’t still available in our local grocery stores but they have more and more dealers you can find. PC is a direct selling company so we’d have to order them first before we can have them.
      Visit the Personal Collection website for more information. Looks like they now have E-brochures so we can view their catalogs online but sadly, don’t offer online orders yet. 
Personal Collection (PC) is located at: 
Ground Floor, Triumph Building, 
1610 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines 1100
Phone: (02) 374-7361 to 62, (02) 374-7368 to 69

Disclaimer: I got the products for from my cousin who gave them to Nate as a gift. All views and opinions are 100% of my own and aren’t influenced by anyone or anything.

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  1. Will recommend this to my mom for my baby siblings. My mom keeps changing their shampoo because the smell doesn't last. You know how kids like to play. Haha! We haven't found a good one since but this sounds nice. Thanks!

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