RestoReview: Love Desserts (Dessert Buffet for Php 199)

Earlier this year, Love Desserts opened its new branch in Pearl Drive, Commonwealth, Quezon City, inviting available mommy bloggers to attend and cover the said opening. I was planning on attending the opening event but I was hesitant because Nate was still little at that I time and I was breastfeeding him. When I was reading the articles posted by other bloggers about it, I was more persistent to visit the place.

On Friday, Dane and I turned 6 years and 9 months together. I was hoping we could visit the place on that day, however, he had a practice in the church for the upcoming youth fellowship on Sunday, July 19th. So I decided to just stay at home. Suddenly, my friend, Melisa invited (I think “tempted” is the right word for this, haha) me to go out. She said she was feeling bored and was hoping for a company to go out with her toddler, ZD. So I decided that we go to Love Desserts.

Mamas and sons
When we arrived, there were too many people outside waiting for their turn. When we inquired inside, we were told there was no table available yet and that we’d have to wait for about 45 minutes. Wow, that’s how many customers they have! They better renovate their place in order to accommodate more customers.

This was the queue we saw before we head home (it was fewer before we got inside)
Good thing there’s a safe place where the toddlers can play and have fun while waiting. Thankfully, we were called after about 20-25 minutes (I guess). We were told we can already start getting our desserts (and pay after).

Toddlers having fun while waiting for us to be called
There were so many desserts to choose from! I don’t even know what they’re called already! Lol. There were about 6 different cake flavors, halo-halo, arroz caldo, iced and milk teas,  cup cakes, macaroons, giant cookies, fruit salad, brownies, muffins, about 7 ice cream flavors, fruits, and a whole  lot more! Seriously, I can’t name them one by one anymore! Haha!

The toddlers had a lot of fun and they were so full too! I almost had a sore throat because of too many sweets! Haha. I think we left the place after about an hour and 15 mins. It was a good experience and we are planning on coming back with some of our friends.

Happy tummies!
-Very accommodating and kind staff. Specially to customers with kids like us. They were very patient with all the mess made by the toddlers. They helped us clean our mess and we’ve never seen a frown looking at our dirty tables!
-The place is accessible; it’s not too far from the high-way.
-The ambience is good.
-The interior designs are nice and unique.
-Very few tables, you’d have to wait outside for your turn. They should really consider getting a bigger space if they want their customers to be satisfied.
-Water dispenser dispenses a very little water (grabe, ang tagal mapuno ng isang basong tubig! Haha)
-They only had 1 high chair so it was only Nate was able to sit still, ZD had to sit on Melisa’s sit.

Love Desserts (Pearl Drive) is located at:
Pearl Drive Commercial Center
Don Mariano Marcos Ave
Quezon City, Metro Manila
You may check them on Facebook
Operating Hours: Mon – Sun:11:00 am – 11:00 pm

Warning: More photos below. 😉

Nate enjoying his ice cream cone! 😀
halo-halo is ♥
Melisa didn’t know what to get first! haha. 
Sweets haven!
Sweet tooth completely satisfied!

Thanks for reading! ‘Til next time! :*

50 Replies to “RestoReview: Love Desserts (Dessert Buffet for Php 199)”

  1. I wish that they'd open up a branch here in the south soon too, parng di ko na keri yung layo ng qc kasi hehe.. But I'm very tempted to go, as I have a sweet tooth too hahaha!

  2. all that for no more than 300? wow! this is a spot where you can best catch up with your friends (cupcake + coffee sounds delicious) or if you can tag along any sweet tooth peeps, sulit na sulit!

  3. Hope they make one somewhere in the South. Too bad I missed one invite from Mommy Bloggers in the past. Will try this once I get the chance…

  4. Wow it's like there's a Dessert Festival going on there! I love love love anything basta sweets. Makes me want to visit the nearest dessert stores dito ngayon. 😀

  5. Sweetness overload! I have visited one of their branches in QC, smaller than the branch you featured. Dami ring tao. Patok sa Pinoy ang desserts! More power to Love Desserts!

  6. This place is temptation. I worked within Ortigas area for so many years and I wasnt able to visit the place. And Pearl Drive is just a walking distance.

    Ay kaya pala, it's in Quezon City, and not the Pearl Drive in Ortigas. TOINK.

    But seriously, I would want to go there and try the sweets. My boys would.definitely love the place as well.

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