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JULY 2015 at a GLANCE

The fact that July ends today is unbelievable plus the fact that there’s going to be a blue moon tonight makes it even more overwhelming! Can you believe it? We’re one month past half 2015 and in 5 month’s time it’s going to be 2016. Wow year, you move so fast!

This month had us very busy and happy (and left us with empty wallets, lol) due to all the activities we were able to do this month. Nonetheless, I am joyful to be able to experience those with the people close to me.

There were few activities that kept us very busy this month:

1. Manila Ocean Park.
Our first visit Manila Ocean Park with the toddlers who enjoyed the all the activities even though it was rushed. It was an a great experience and we’re very happy to see the kids astonished by all the wonderful sight!

2. I was able to finally visit Love Desserts!
Since earlier this year, I have been meaning to visit this place to be able to taste their unlimited dessert for 199 only. It was an unplanned visit with the toddlers (still! who else will be with us other than them anyway? haha).

3. Villa Escudero day tour with my boys & CheVy.
I’d like to call them CheVy (Ritche + Ivy) because it sounds sossy to me. Hehe. CheVy have been travel buddies since waaaay back and thankfully, we were able to go places with them when they decided to come to Manila.

We took them to Ecopark too and Love Desserts because they say they looove desserts too. Fortunately, a week before they came, I was able to visit Love Desserts and experience it already!

4. Art in Island weekend.
Before CheVy left to go back to Davao, we were able to go to Art in Island in Cubao too. It was fun, we had a great time, and the place is marvelous! Nate loved walking on the sea gallery part of the museum. And if only there were few people, I would’ve let him keep walking but I had to carry him because sometimes, he unintentionally photobomb people! lol.

That wraps up my July 2015 experience. I consider it one of the busiest months this year but I am happy to be able to experience all of these. How did your July go?  I’d love to hear how your July 2015 went. 🙂

42 Replies to “JULY 2015 at a GLANCE”

  1. Looks like you had a blast last July! Listing down the places you've been to that I haven't yet, hopefully me and the fam can explore and visit them soon. They look like awesome destinations. 🙂

  2. There are so many online deals now on Manila Ocean Park and it will be great to visit it once again. My last trip there was way back 5 years ago. For sure, several improvements have been made. I also want to try Love Desserts! 🙂

  3. So much travel and bonding time with family. I hope I will have time with my baby and husband too soon. Working on night shift is terrible but need patience and sacrifice because this is for my family.

  4. When you start counting hours, days, weeks, and months, you come to realize that the year is too short and another year is fast approaching. That is life anyway. I do appreciate you and your hubby on how you productively spent the month together with your kids. I could say it is an amazing family bonding.

  5. As they said it's the moment and experience that counts. Years from now you'll forgot how much money you splurge on this trip or eat out. Most important thing you guys enjoy it.

  6. Parang hindi naging hectic ang July sa iyo. nice places you've been. Except for the Love Desserts, me and my apo have fun experiences to each places mentioned here.

  7. I have been to two of these: Art in Island & Ocean Park. Though I think a lot have changed in the latter since our last visit. I will plan to visit the Villa Escudero and the Love Desserts. 🙂

  8. July has been a great and super busy month for you. And that's good! 🙂 I haven't been to any of those places you've featured. I really need to have a longer vacation next time so I can go around Manila and nearby provinces. Nice snaps too! Thanks for sharing your adventures!

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