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First Visit to Art in Island

I am blessed to be able to visit Art in Island in Cubao last Saturday with my friends who came all the way from Davao. And of course, I was with my partners: Dane and Nate. But Dane decided not to get inside because he had to buy bass guitar strings for our church’s guitar.

Art in Island is the biggest 3D museum in Asia. It does not just let you take pictures of the art displays (unlike most museums) but it also allows you to play and be a part of the paintings! Here you’ll really have to work with your imaginations! Haha. This can be a place to forget about taking a selfie, why? Because there’s just so many wonderful photos you want to take pictures with!

I thought we’d only be here for an hour but with all the paintings and the ideas you can come up with,  I bet you can stay there for hours. Kung di pa siguro na lowbatt ang cp ng friend ko, baka mas matagalan pa kami, hahaha.

It’s more challenging for me to get a good photo because I’m carrying Nate but thankfully, were able to get a few nice photos. (Sulit na, haha). Here are the some of the many photos we captured:

oh, somebody’s loving the place! 

-cool and totally wonderful place. People who love “picture 2x” will looove this place!
-so many art works, your eyes will love all of it!
-place is clean, specially because people are required to wear socks or go in bare feet.

-They have restrooms but I wish they have breastfeeding areas too. Nate asks for milk any time he wants so when he asked while we were there, I had to face the wall so people who are not supporting breastfeeding in public will have nothing to say.
-Since we were there on a weekend, here were too many people at that time so it was a bit chaotic and sometimes you will either have to wait for your turn to pose with the exhibit or you give, or you can’t get a good photo because there’s just too many photo bombers in the background. It’s best to go there when there’s not too many customers.
-Floor was too slippery (I know they need to do it that way) for Nate while wearing socks, he slid several times so I had to remove his socks so he can walk better.

Adult rate is at Php 500
Student rate is at Php 400
Children below 3ft are FREE
They also have discounts for senior citizen cardholders and PWDs. Art In Island will also be having events and promotions every month. You can visit them on Facebook for more information.

Hours of Operation:
Art In Island is open to public TUESDAYS-SUNDAYS and HOLIDAYS from 09:30AM to 09:30PM.

Art in Island is located at: 
175 15th Ave., Brgy. Socorro, 1109 Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines

Contact Details: 
Phone: (632) 421-1356
Email: [email protected]

All in all, it was an awesome experience still and I am excited to go back there when Nate is older and he can enjoy the place as much as I do.

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  1. This art in island is pretty cool but medyo pricey ha. Hehe That one on the boat ay parang nahulog si baby sa water. Hehe Cute! I would love to visit places like this, but here in Cebu medyo malayo yung 3D Art museum.

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