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May 2015 at a Glance

I can’t believe that there’s only 1 more month and we’re half a year done with 2015! Parang kalian lang kakastart lang ng May ah! I think time doesn’t just fly – it teleports now! Lol! What did you do during the very hot days in May? Here’s mine:

     1.       Nate’s 1st birthday and dedication. For me, Nate’s 1st birthday and dedication was the highlight of this month. We prepared for about a month for his DIY football themed birthday and all I can say was that it’s very tiresome but very fulfilling at the same time. I am very happy we survived the first year with him. Dane and I were congratulating each other, lol! It wasn’t easy at all!

     2.       My 2nd mother’s day. We had an unexpected time with my friends (some were also moms) on mother’s day. We were acknowledged in the church during worship service as well. Being a mother is the toughest, most challenging job there is in the world! I was happy we had a great time with our kids playing in SM Fairview.

     3.       Daily Vacation Bible School. I survived a 5-day challenge during our DVBS in our church. We had so many students this year and we are very thankful to God for all His blessings! We were challenged financially, spiritually, physically and even emotionally but by God’s grace our DVBS was a success!

     4.       Freebies! This month, I also got 2 products for Nate to try. Thanks to my MBP family for Nate’s Nutri10 food supplement and his Organic baby wipes. I love the baby wipes, they smell really good and I can’t wait for Nate to try the food supplement. I will do a review after a month of Nate trying it out. 🙂

     5.       May 31st birthdays. I had 5 friends on Facebook that who celebrated their birthdays together on May 31st. One of them is my sister. I’m happy for her, especially that she enjoyed the simple celebration we had for her.

May 2015 has brought me so many wonderful memories and I am very happy to keep them in my memory box. 🙂 

How did your month of May go?

28 Replies to “May 2015 at a Glance”

  1. Wow! Ang bilis nga ng panahon! Malapit na magpasko ulit! Unlike sa Pinas na maulan ang month of May, dito sa middle east super init naman dahil summer.. Minsan 44C pa ang temperature. Hindi adviseable outdoor activities kaya madalas nasa bahay lang kami.

  2. Yeah it's almost the end of 2015's first half! I would normally feel like panicking but my year has already been so full that I know time has been spent wisely. Your May sounds so busy but exciting! I know your June would be as good if not better 🙂

  3. May is expensive in Korea, lol,but also especially because we just gave birth end of April! During May in Korea people celebrate labor day, children's day, parents' day, teacher's day, buddha's birthday.. by the end of the month everyone's broke! Hahaha

  4. Looks like you had your hands full this summer! 🙂 Our church didn't have Vacation Bible Camp this year because of the Family Camp which happens every three years. The kids are looking forward to Me and my Dad camping next summer, though, and perhaps our youngest may join the Vacation Bible Camp this time. 🙂

  5. I agree. We celebrated a lot of birthdays and other occasions in my family too. Mabilis talaga ang panahon. A few months from now holidays nanaman then another year. It's so overwhelming.

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