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ProdReview: Organic Baby Wipes

Last week, our friends in CKMJ Greenovation Inc. sent over a set of organic baby wipes for us to try. I’d take these as late birthday presents for Nate :). I was so excited to try it out and this product never failed me.

What’s on the package:

                1 Organic baby wipes (80’s)
          1 Organic baby wipes (30’s)
          4 Organic baby wipes (20’s)
          Jewel  Tone maternity skin care product

All about Organic baby wipes:
      Organic baby wipes are infused with organic aloe vera that’s known for its anti-inflammatory and inti-bacterial properties which means that it helps prevent nappy rash.
     Organic baby wipes contains no harsh chemicals and are hypoallergenic – NO PARABEN, NO ALCOHOL, NO CHLORINE, NO HARSH CHEMICALS. Its products are also 100% biodegradable, it’s pretty cool!
What I can say:
     What I love so much about this product is that it smells really good! The wipes that I buy usually for Nate are unscented because I was under the impression that scented wipes may contain alcohol but this one doesn’t. I love the smell so much; I get tempted to smell it from time to time! Lol!
     Organic baby wipes is gentle and Nate never had any skin reactions to it. And true to its words – it doesn’t cause any rashes on Nate as well.
     This product aims to give the gentlest baby wipes to our little ones and I think this product is really great! This is actually softer than Nate’s previous baby wipes. 
     Would I recommend this product! Certainly, this is a nice and great scented wipes, I have no reason to not recommend other moms to try it on their kids.
Where to buy:
     I’m honestly not sure if Organic baby wipes are now available in SM stores or any local stores but Organic baby wipes can be purchased online through Lazada.com.ph
Disclaimer: I got the products for free to try via Mommy Bloggers Philippines and just paid Php 100 to have the products shipped to me. All views and opinions are 100% of my own. Thanks MBP and CKMJ Greenovation Inc!

42 Replies to “ProdReview: Organic Baby Wipes”

  1. Good to hear that there are organic wipes where you are. Certainly good for parents with young kids as there is less chance of irritation on the kids' skin using the product.

  2. This is the first time I've heard about Organic baby wipes and it sounds like a great product. I shop at Lazada, I will look this up.

  3. Oh, Mommy Maye got them, too! Cool. These are heaven sent for mommies. I remember one mother being ambush interviewed on TV: when asked what thing she cant leave home without, she replied, "Baby Wipes".

  4. Wow! Are those for Mommy Blogger members only? I want to review those as well. Hehe. Now I am really curious with these. this is the 3rd time I saw a review of this wipes. I bet they're really good!

  5. I love these baby wipes! I used them for my girls when they were babies but now I use them to wash my face. They also are great for keeping in the car as well.

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